Lizza Mayers child killer

An attorney by the name of Lizza Mayers hides in Bendadick Nebraska where she seduces young men like Jer Wezzel & helps him steal his two sons. No one really knows why children disappear but she has the craving of young blood. At night she helps Jer figure out his legal issues not knowing that his sons will soon become her dinner. Jer lives in North Dakota & decides on one winters night to leave his children with Lizza. At night she kills both of the children with one slice to the neck. Jer calls & she tells him that they have disappeared. He comes back on the next flight. That night she prepares him a steak dinner. He is heart broken & can't understand what happened. As he eats his dinner, drinks a little to much. As he falls off his chair, he realizes that he can't breath. He tries to dial the emergency line & falls dead to the ground. That night she cuts him up & saves him for a special Jewish occasion.


3. The tunnel

In the tunnel was lined with the bones of the thousands of people that were murdered. She was in her 40's. A daughter of the well known butcher. As she was walking at a fast pace she started to think back to her childhood. Watching her father take one of her friends from school & slice her up into small pieces. He told her that she was sacrificing herself so they could eat. 

One individual after the next in Bendadick would go missing. No one would ever suspect her father because he had a personality that was so friendly & sweet. More kind than anyone could imagine. Helping those that lost their loved ones with all the meat that they needed, not knowing that they were eating their own flesh & blood. 

Lizza loved her dad with all her heart. She didn't fall to far from the apple tree. She hated technology but realized that she would have to find a way to work with it. 

Near an exit she found a way to escape. There her emergency car & identification would help her get to North Dakota.  

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