Somewhere In Nerland // h.s

"Wendy run away with me, I know it sounds crazy, don't you see what you do to me?"


1. 1

I sat there motionless, cowering in the corner of my room with my arms tucked up by my chest with my arms swung over them protectively. My eyes were squinted shut, to avoid any tears escaping, I didn't want to show I was weak. I was trembling, and I could feel the vomit rise in my throat, feeling the bruises already forming around my collar bone. I could feel my blood boil beneath my skin and my eyes sting with the tears.

The skin only cheeks slowly becoming crimson, stinging and feeling red raw. I tried to lift my head, feeling heavy and weighed down. "You're worthless," My step dad spat, "You're going to amount to nothing, nothing." The words were circling around my head, my demons rising within me. "Too scared to even lift your head, eh Styles? You're pathetic, just like your dad." I felt a sharp pain around my head, feeling my hair slowly fall back by my ears. "He never stood up for himself, just like you. You're a coward," I heard feet shuffling and my door slam.

I hesitantly lifted my head, as I ruffled my curls back into place. My eyes stinging with tears, my breathing becoming choppy. I averted my eyes around my room, as I still cowered in to corner of my room, looking to my wall for my full length mirror. I peered in it, seeing a vibrant red patch on my cheek. The white spaces where his fingers hit my skin, I traced my fingers across my cheek - hot and sore.

I let go of my legs, looked at my phone. I was going to be late for school, I ruffled my curls to the side and wiped my eyes again - leaving no indication as to what previously happened. I looked at my eye from last night, it was swollen and bruised, crazy shades of purple and brown, making me shudder as I touched it. I exhaled a big breath, my chest shaking as it was rising and falling. I threw my bag across my shoulder, grabbed my headphones and walked out of my room. I was shaking as I stood outside my room, hoping my mum wouldn't see me this way. I tip toed down the stairs, making sure no one heard me, not even my sister Gemma. I tried as best as I could to shut the door behind me, trudging down the drive to school, seeing school children pass and stare at me as I walked, minding my own business.


"Styles, you're late." My tutor said, staring at me as she placed her book down, making me feel insecure as she looked down at me.

"I'm sorry, I just..I, I don't have an excuse." I sighed, throwing my bag down on the table in front of me, pulling my chair out. I pulled out my magazine and skimmed the pages, as usual nothing seemed to interest me. I peered at my phone, I had an unread text message from my sister, Gemma.

Harry, I heard you and Andrew this morning. I hope you're okay champ, hope you've not done anything stupid again, Haz. Come to my flat after school, I'm going home soon. I'll see you later, love you x

I smiled at my phone, trying my best to hide my eye, as it was throbbing and the ghastly shades of purple and brown. I felt something hit my head, "Oi, Styles." I snapped my head back towards the form, "What's up? Did daddy beat you again?" I heard a boy shout, I shook my head, snatched my bag from the table and ran out of the form. Hearing laughs as I left, I sprinted as fast as I could to the boys bathroom, making sure no one saw me cry.

I searched through my bag, high and low even shaking it on the ground, in the cubical of the bathroom. I searched to find my razor, sighing with relief as I finally found it, dropping the leather bag on the ground. I dragged the razor across my skin after lifting the sleeve to my blazer up, clenching my fist.

I felt a sense of relief running through my veins, like all the stress had left my body and I couldn't feel any emotion anymore. I shut my eyes closed, as the emotion ran bled out of me. I dropped my razor to the ground and cried. Cried until my eyes were red raw, my cheeks were flaming and my throat was burning, the screams and the tears were all too much. The blood was dripping on my charcoal jeans,

mixing in with the tears.

"Harry," I heard a whisper come from outside.

"I want to be left alone," I replied bluntly. Wiping my eyes with my sleeve.

"I'm not leaving until you come out of the stall," The voice sounded slightly feminine and like a strong London accent. I raised my eyebrow, picking up my belongings off the floor, wrapping my blades in toilet paper and pulling my sleeve down. I threw my bag over my shoulder once again, to be met by a petite girl, with long dip - dyed hair, just touching the bottom of her back.

"What are you doing in the boys bathroom?" I snapped, splashing cold water on my face to make sure the puffiness of my eyes went down.

"I wanted to see if you were okay, what Jacob said to you was horrible and you, you didn't deserve any of it." The girl replied, as she grabbed some make up out of her bag, grabbing the small sponge that went with it too. She opened the lid of the pallet and added the powder to the small sponge. I grimaced as she put the sponge closer to my face, "Don't freak out Harry, it's to take the attention away from your eye. It's pretty nasty," The girl bit her lip as she lightly dabbed the power onto the area by my eye.

"Thanks," I smiled, she closed the lid to her pallet and shoved the make up sponge away. "How have I never seen you before?"

"Maybe because you're hardly in, I've been here since year 9." She joked, "I'm Wendy by the way." She had a strong and deep London accent, whereas I had a husky voice.

"Like from Peter Pan?" Wendy nodded and smiled at me, "I like it."

"Well, uh, I'm going to be late for art. I guess I'll see you around," Wendy waved me good bye, followed by a sweet smile that made my cheeks flare.

"Yeah, see you later."

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