The Worst In Us All

Twins, Erica and Peter Frey were separated at birth and adopted into two completely different lifestyles. Peter was adopted by a wealthy British family and moved to London. Erica however, stayed in Germany and was adopted by a much poorer family. Since Erica couldn't afford to send letters to each other, all she was left with was a picture of Peter aged twelve. Eight years later World War Two begins. War brings out the worst in everyone, and when Peter and Erica finally meet for the first time in twenty years, it's on either side of the battlefield with a gun pointed at each others chest.


1. Prologue

                 Take Me Away

Take me away from this desolate place,

a world stripped of wonder, a world stripped of grace.

Let us leave nothing behind but the prints in the snow,

let us leave now and no one shall know.


Take me away to the other side,

where all hope in the world has not crumbled and died.

Through the forest, beyond the trees,

hand in hand, we'll flow with the breeze.


Take me away from darkness to dawn,

for the war we have lost and all hope is gone.

The blood does not stain the snow that falls there,

and the forest before us will ease our growing fear.


Take me away from the gunshots and screams,

to the land only seen in the wildest of dreams.

Far from our friends whom the soldiers did slay,

far from the darkness, take me away...

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