Two years of hell

This is the story of how Mary meets John and his two years without his best friend.


2. Chapter 2

Molly finally convinced me too get out, go out and see my friends, or just go out. It took me one year to be convinced to leave the boundaries of my road. But I did it. And I am so glad I did it. Molly took me down to the local pub. Well I say took me, she pretty much dragged me out of the flat.

I glared at her and shrugged her off. But if she hadn't done what she did, well, I wouldn't be hear today. Sat opposite the woman I love. She was so beautiful. It was difficult, in the beginning. I didn't think she would understand what it was like. To lose your best, well your only friend. But she was patient with me. She new not to push me, when to stop asking questions. When to just hold me close when she would wake in the night to find me crying beside her. She new me better then anyone. Even better then he did. And I loved her so so much.

So that's why I'm here now. She helped me survive the last year. Survive myself. And now, seeing her sitting across the table in a fancy restaurant, dressed in a gorgeous vintage dress, I knew it was the right decision.  The box in my pocket seemed to weigh more then the delicate band and diamonds. The waiter offered to select a bottle of wine for us. I glanced up to see a tall man who looked oddly familiar. Maybe it was his ridiculous mustache. "What ever you think is best." I say and smile in his direction, turning my attention back to Mary. I reach for the box in my pocket...

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