(You are the) Heart of Everything

Friendship is a vital ingredient in our existence. Some will express the view that they can steer through the many pitfalls that they encounter without the need to resort to their reliance on another being. However most find that the company of a fellow traveller greatly enhances their passage through the uncertainties of life.

We’ll find out what happens when Sinead and Tom, friends since nursery school, fall apart in spectacular fashion.


5. Sinead's Point of View

Sinead's Point of View


What has Tom being saying about me? I can imagine it wasn't very complementary. I don't know why he's so upset, he must have known we were just friends? So it's my turn to tell you what happened. I'm Sinead and I'm an alcoholic, no not really always wanted to say that. 

I've known Tom for years now. We went right through primary school together. We were always close. It was always tom and I against the world, laughing, playing and fighting for each other. We must have been terrible to teach. I look back on those crazy days now with a lot of affection.  

No doubt Tom has told you all about the past so I won't waste your time. You obviously are wanting to know what happened between Liam and I, aren't you? 

What can I say? Maybe you should look at it from my point of view? Over the years all I have really had is Tom's company. Not that I didn't want it but these days I was wanting to broaden my horizons. I'd seen Liam a few months ago and it was obvious to me that he liked me. Do you know what that's like? He's gorgeous. So he's not as intelligent as Tom but he's exciting to be with, if you know what I mean girls. 

I started to see Liam a few weeks ago. Being with him really opened my friendship group. I've now started to be friends with a group of girls. They'd sort of been telling me for ages to ditch Tom and go off with Liam. Of course I didn't tell Tom that I was seeing Liam, it was deliciously wicked to just string him along and go behind his back. 

Last night at the party, well maybe I let things go too far. I was swept on by the moment, not really thinking about the implications. It felt right. Liam is such an amazing person. It just felt right. Tom  had always pulled back at the last minute but Liam hadn't. Afterwards I heard that someone had taken a photo of us. I knew at that moment that Tom would find out. I wasn't sure about how I should look at it, but Liam said that it'd be OK, he'd sort it out. 

Everything in the world is going great for me at the moment. I'm in with a great set of girls doing girly stuff for the first time in my life and I've got this hunk called Liam who's probably the best thing that's happened to me.  

Tom? Like Florence Nightingale, history.  

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