(You are the) Heart of Everything

Friendship is a vital ingredient in our existence. Some will express the view that they can steer through the many pitfalls that they encounter without the need to resort to their reliance on another being. However most find that the company of a fellow traveller greatly enhances their passage through the uncertainties of life.

We’ll find out what happens when Sinead and Tom, friends since nursery school, fall apart in spectacular fashion.


4. Love turns to Ashes

I don't know when Liam entered our relationship. I remembered at first she'd casually mention his name in conversation. At first I thought nothing of it, another name among the friends we had at school. Over the coming weeks she mentioned him more and more. When I questioned her she'd go all coy and shut up.

In the past two years our relationship had developed. We'd rediscovered each other’s changing bodies, although we never ever gone the full way and had sex. Looking back Sinead became a little distant at the time, not that I noticed, so caught up in love was I.

The worst thing about the whole affair was finding out from the sniggering faces at school. I thought I'd missed some joke at first, but then it continued. Eventually I had to ask what was so amusing. One of them, obviously delighted by my predicament sauntered over to tell me. Apparently Sinead had been at a party last night with Liam, a party she didn't want to go to with me.  The talk of the party was that Sinead and Liam had been caught having sex. he even showed me a blurry photo that someone had took of them.

My life ended that moment. My knees went weak, head spinning around. I clutched at the table I was stood next to, the image of Sinead and Liam burning in my eyes. How could she do this to me. Why had she done this? In spite of myself I wondered where I stood with her now. At that moment she came into the room with a group of girls. She saw me and came over, closely followed by these gaggle of girls. These weren't our usual crowd, these were the posers, the arm candy that adorned the corridors. Come to think of it I'd seen her with these a few times in the last week, but never thought anything of it. I'd missed a lot of signs recently.

'Is this true?' I asked trying to stop tears forming in my eyes.

She shrugged her shoulders glancing backwards at the crowd of girls.

'Yes, I'm seeing Liam, what we get up to is our concern.' she said with a smile.

'But what about us?' I asked weakly

She laughed and turned away. If she'd have stabbed me at the point I couldn't be in anymore pain that I was at that moment. I loved Sinead, had for all those years and now not only was she turning her back on me, she was throwing her new relationship in my face. I ran out, tears splashing down my face.

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