(You are the) Heart of Everything

Friendship is a vital ingredient in our existence. Some will express the view that they can steer through the many pitfalls that they encounter without the need to resort to their reliance on another being. However most find that the company of a fellow traveller greatly enhances their passage through the uncertainties of life.

We’ll find out what happens when Sinead and Tom, friends since nursery school, fall apart in spectacular fashion.


3. Friendship turns to Love

Over the next few years I'd started to develop 'feelings' for Sinead. We were always close, hugging each other and the like. You can tell what sort of 'embarrassment' that caused. At first Sinead wondered why I sort of backed away from her clutches. Then it suddenly twigged what the source of my predicament was. She blushed, poked me in the side and looked down coyly at the source of the embarrassment. 

'I guess we're growing up, eh Tom' 

Sinead certainly was.I'd noticed the little bumps and curves that seemed to be rapidly developing on her body. We'd been so comfortable with each other for so long, we didn't used to be embarrassed undressing in front of each other, but now we were more reserved about it. Each giving space and privacy to the other.  

The summer before Year 9, Sinead came on holiday with us again. This year we were staying in a flat in Filey. Normally we shared a room, but this year we'd got a flat that had an extra bedroom. I think my parents must have sensed that things were changing between Sinead and I. This was the summer where our relationship changed forever. Although we didn't know this at the time, the decisions we took that summer would have ramifications far beyond what we thought at the moment. 

Yes this was the holiday where Sinead and I graduated from being friends to being boyfriend and girlfriend. I'll never forget the moment that it started. We were sat on the Coble Landing one evening looking out to sea. A couple walked past arm in arm oblivious to the world happening around them. As they drew level with us they stopped and started kissing. I think both our eyes were drawn towards these two people. Sinead turned to face me. The sun caught her hair, she was smiling. She leaned into me and kissed my lips. A tingle ran through my whole body, blood pumping around my body. I pulled away in shock. 

'Sorry, I thought?' Sinead said starting to blush. 

'No, my fault. it was just a shock' 

I leant into her face and kissed her. To this day I can still taste the sweetness of her lips. We held the kiss for what seemed like ever before parting slightly breathless. Nothing more was said that evening but the rest of that blissfully happy holiday was spent wandering around hand in hand, no longer just friends.  

And that's how our relationship started. From there we were now a couple with all that that entailed. That was until Year 11 when Sinead, the girl I loved and thought loved betrayed me. She might have stuck a dagger in my heart and took my life away for the pain and anguish she inflicted.  

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