Harry Potters secret

Harry Potter has a secret.He has been in hidding for many years. And when he has a baby girl things get complicated. Lord Voldemort also had a daughter who was ten times more powerful. When Lilly's parents were murdered like her father's she survied as a baby. Now when she finds out shes a Witch things become complicated. And also putting lives on the line.


8. the truth

i woke up to uncle frank screaming.i jummped up holding stars.there was a women she was tall and keept looking at uncle frank disaprovinly."hello,im sam your going to come with me ill explain on the way."said sam."ok..."i said holding stars tightly.GET OUT!!!!screamed uncle frank pushing me out.i screamed.this was it,i was dying.i heared sam jump.i knoe it was here becouse no one ulse would save me.i watied to hit water,but it never happened.i opened a eye still clutching stars.i was shoked,i was floatting!floating!!!!hold on i heard sam say.she pulled me up on to a broom."whats happing?" said,holding on for dear life."ill explain when we get there!"said sam.a while later we lannded."come on,lets het you warrmed up.""ok"i replied"we walked in to a place called the three broom sticks.we sat down and she gave me a blanket."so im going to tell you the truth about.....well evrthing"ok i wont interupt"i said"it all started when your were born.your parents were harry potter and harmonie granger.they were both wiziards.[she explained about them]and when you were about two[he first explained about loared voldomart]loard ronshal atackt your parent and killed them.your mom died for you lilly.but when he went to attack you all you were left with is that star shapped scar.[he explained about hogworts]and you were exepted into hogworts.do you want to get your supplies?the train leaves tmorrow.'ok' i said we walked out heads turrning

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