Harry Potters secret

Harry Potter has a secret.He has been in hidding for many years. And when he has a baby girl things get complicated. Lord Voldemort also had a daughter who was ten times more powerful. When Lilly's parents were murdered like her father's she survied as a baby. Now when she finds out shes a Witch things become complicated. And also putting lives on the line.


4. the birthday

"get up you lazy rat!"screamed my Uncle Frank. He violently shook the cupboard I slept in. 

"You must make breakfast for Danny!" I heard his foot steps go down the hall.

I sighed. "Why do I have to cook?"  i asked my self as I pulled on my clothes. I looked down at my clothes sadly. I got a pair of pajamas and a pair of cloths every two years. I hopped out of the cupboard, and went into the kitchen. Danny, Aunt Rose, and Uncle Frank were already there waiting impatiently. "what would the birthday boy like for breakfast"  Aunt Rose asked sweetly to Danny.

"The Leaning Tower of Pancakes"said Danny with a smirk on his face.

"well get to it!" yelled Uncle Frank. I turned around and started to cook.  About one hour later it was ready. I put the pancakes down on the table. 

Then Uncle Frank screamed "Were are the candles!!!!"

Then i got the candles and thrusted  the candles into the pancakes and lit them. After Danny made a wish Uncle Frank turned to me and said"since it took you so long and you were rude you will not have any breakfast, you can return to the cupboard after lunch when the family arrives".

"yes" I say quickl. Then Danny starts ripping open his presents. 1 hour later he said "34,that's less then last year!"he started to cry.

"don't worry honey"  said aunt rose "you still will get presents from the rest of the family when they come over today."

"OK"  said Danny smiling. Next thing knew it was lunch time. My Uncle pulled me over to the hallway and said "listen girl your not allowed to leave the cupboard until i get you and we're taking Danny to the zoo and we cant find a baby sitter so you'll have to come ,no funny business understood?" 

"yes Uncle" i say.

"good the get in thatCupboard now"!

I sighed as I got in the cupboard. When will i be free?

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