Harry Potters secret

Harry Potter has a secret.He has been in hidding for many years. And when he has a baby girl things get complicated. Lord Voldemort also had a daughter who was ten times more powerful. When Lilly's parents were murdered like her father's she survied as a baby. Now when she finds out shes a Witch things become complicated. And also putting lives on the line.


5. a trip to the zoo

I didn't know long it had been. Then Uncle Frank slid a piece of half eaten meat under the cupboard door and said "Hurry up and eat you're  lucky you're getting anything." I heard him walk down the hall laughing with whoever it was. I quickly ate the meat knowing it might be all i get for the rest of the day. I hugged my teddy bear. Uncle frank said it was from my parents. She was black with multicoloured stars all over her. I started to quietly cry. This was all i had left from my parents. I wondered what they were like. Would the be mean or nice? I thought they would be nice. I fell asleep dreaming about my parents.

The next thing I knew I heard Uncle Frank hiss"get up you lazy rat"

I got out of the cupboard. "get in the car.and remember no funny business. I was rushed outside and into the trunk of the car. Seconds later we were speeding down the road. I started to shake. I was  rushed so much that I forgot to bring my teddy bear.  Not that later we stopped presumably at the zoo. 

"get out"hissed Uncle Frank. I hopped out of the trunk. We walked around the zoo for a long time. Then we arrived at the snake room. We were all allowed to wait  around and meet Aunt Rose and Uncle Frank at the exit. We walked around. Then I saw a snake so  went over "Hi"said the Snake.
"hello!"i said exited too have someone talk to me not even caring if it was a snake.
"whats your name? I'm Sidney." 
"im Lilly i said."i wish i could free you i added
"Lilly lets go!"screamed Uncle Frank.
"coming!"i said"bye Sidney!"i  said 
"bye Lilly, And thank you" she replied. I ran to the door and we started walking away. Then suddenly the Snake Sidney slithered up to Danny. 
"In the car" said uncle frank ushering me away. While Aunt Rose stayed with Danny while screaming "help help! my little boy!"
Uncle Frank threw me in the trunk. "no food for a week straight into the cupboard when we get home!". 
"yes" I said. A few hours later we returned to the house. "Get in the cupboard now!" screamed Uncle Frank. I ran in the cupboard straight away. An hour later when everyone was asleep. I snuck out and got food. Then ate it quickly. Then  started to cry,hugging my bear.what would  parents think if they knew? I thought to my self as I feel into a deep deep sleep. 

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