vodemorts return (second genoration )

I looked up at the pail and cut boy , with tears streaming down his lightly freckled cheeks .
"don't forget me " I whisper in all of the voice I could muster.
he hugs me tight saying "I wont"
" I'll miss you albus " I weakly state.
" no, your not going any where " he pleas before my world blurred and faded black.


2. chapter 2

   James face fell as he dropped the trunks to the floor quietly.

   "h-how do you know for serten" he whispers sitting down on the plush red couch next to albus.    "we don't ," I start in a calm voice trying to keep him from bursting with worry.

  "you don't know something , the world must be a the end " giggled Lilly as the slid down the banister and landed nimbly on her feet.

 "Lillian ," James said in his 'I'm the head boy' voice  "this is a very important grown up matter "

 "what's the matter " she asked, her voice was small and innocent . she sounded like a kicked puppy, I just had to hug her.

 "voldemort's uprising , and we might not be able to stop him this time " I whisper willing my voice not to fail me, only to find it getting weaker and weaker. Lilly gasped and hugged me tighter , I was the older sister she never got. she cried into my shoulder as James and albus moved to hug us from behind. we looked like a family . a very messed up family but a family at that.

"what with all the hugging" Hugo said walking down from the boys dormaries and seeing us. 

 I sat down with Lilly still hugging my torso and explained the whole morning to Hugo. from me and albus barley escaping detention and removal of house points to right then with me explaining to him , all including voldemort and albus's suspitions being correct.

 "we have to warn my father " he said immediately and then grabbed floo powder from my bag , threw it into the fire and left with a determined look on his face.

'James , will you wait hear incase he comes back and ..." I looked down to see Lilly had fallen asleep on me . James who was quick to see this took his younger sister into his arms and promptly told us to go find McGonall.


 "lemon drops" I whisper to the gargoyle and start speed walking up to McGonall's office albus following me.

" hello Ms.Longbottem , Mr. Potter what can I do for you today " she greeted us without looking up from her desk . she looked up from the book she was reading and saw the red blotches on my tear stained face and albus trying to hold it together , for us.

 " oh, my what seems to be the problem dears " she whispers leaning into us from behind her desk. I sniffled and looked at albus , silently begging for him to tell the story this time. he nodded a little and looked at the headmistress .

 "he's back " he croaked and I shivered  just thinking about what my father has told me about him

   ' who's that daddy " I asked , being four and very board. my father turned around to see me and a smile spread across hi lips . he picked me up and twirled me around , making me giggle "this is your daddy's old friend " he explained pointing at the old picture " and this " he said pointing to another person "was daddy " I looked at him and he said "daddy's friend saved him , and mommy " that's good " I say sounding older than four. he chucked and said "he saved us from some one bad , very bad and very evil. he hurt momy so dady and his friend killed him "  '

 "voldemort " I whisper just as the door slammed open and in stepped a very tired looking James and Hugo with Lilly trailing behind. she lost the smile on her face but quickly regained composure.

   " Ronald weasly , is that you young man " said McGonall as Hugo's father stepped out from behind James and Lilly .

   "yes head mistress it is " he said , smiling "and its not just me "

   "dad ! " albus screamed and jumped from the chairs we where placed in at the beginning of the is 'talk' .

"mum "Hugo said turning to hug his mother

 I saw another figure step into the room and he opened his arm to me "daddy! " I screamed and shot from the chair and straight into his arms.

"now that we're all hear lets have Ms. longbottem and Mr. Potter explain "

albus and I shared nervous glances and started from this morning , this was going to be a long day.



thanks for reading enjoy ! should I keep righting and building relationships ? who should Abbie love James or albus ?


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