Jessica Malfoy is nothing like her brother. She wants to help people. She can't help it if her brother is overprotective. She wants something the rest of the family didn't. To be known as somebody who does something good. There's only one problem. She's blind!


5. Without Draco

Jessica's P.O.V.

I used to have Draco with me, but now, it's no use. We go to school together, but I still don't think I need him. I have the school memorized through and through. Teachers have learned to treat me like I'm not blind, like I'm a normal kid. I am, I just can't see. I know that I'm not the only person that has gone through this struggle. I am not the first person in the world who is blind. There are many people who are blind and inspiring. Hellen Keller was blind and deaf. She somehow managed to make it through the world. I know I will. Especially if Draco is there. He has always been there for me. I feel protected when I'm with him. I have always thought that he was a good guy, but when I found out about Potter, Weasly, and Granger being his enemy's, I was surprised, not only about how much of a jerk they are, but also surprised about how he treated them. Mud-blood? Really? I guess that I knew that he might be a little rude, but I thought that he wouldn't be like that! I guess I thought that he would be nice to them, even though they weren't nice to him. I found out something the first month of school. Draco is taken as a bad boy, or a jerk. He isn't close. He's sweet, kind, and I found out he only does what he does for me. He acts like a jerk so that people keep away from him, and he's always with me. It made seance then. So, the next day when I met up with Weasly the next day, it was a lot easier. 

"Hey, Malfoy. You know where you're going? I thought that you're overprotective brother would be bothering you?"

He said.

"Bothering me? He never has annoyed me. He's been the nest older brother a girl could ever ask. Just leave us alone. It will make us both feel better. Trust me, he's like who he is because of me."

I replied.

"Well that's not what it sounds like. Calling people mud-bloods, saying things that will make him happy, I tried to jinx him yesterday, just because of how he acted, and I was throwing up slugs for an hour."

"You will never understand how important it is to him to keep me safe. You think that he wants to do this? He's keeping me away from people like you! Jerks!"

I said, and I ran away. I finally got it. I knew he wouldn't come back. He wouldn't dare

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