Jessica Malfoy is nothing like her brother. She wants to help people. She can't help it if her brother is overprotective. She wants something the rest of the family didn't. To be known as somebody who does something good. There's only one problem. She's blind!


10. The miracle

Jessica's P.O.V.

I woke up. I saw I was in a room with clean white sheets, and I saw 2 people. One woman, with black hair, and another with long Blond hair. I didn't know who they were. Wait. I Saw where they were! I saw the sheets! I knew it was too good to be true! I thought I was dreaming. I pinched my arm to wake myself up. And it hurt. Then I realized, it wasn't a dream. I really could see! The people saw me sitting up with my eyes open, and they came over and hugged me. I thought this must be my parents. 

"Hello. Mother, father? Is that you?"

I said.

"Sweety, we're right here." 

Said the voice I recognized so well.

"I can see! I can see you! I know what you look like! You have long blond hair, and she has long gray black hair! I have long blond hair! I can' believe this!"

I said. They stood there in awe. They knew everything I said was true. They thought that they were losing they're minds, or at least that's what it looked like. I sat up, in my light blue hospital dress. I could see what I looked like. I was still shocked at all of this. I could see for the first time in my life. It was about time too!And I saw mother go to the payphone that was in the room to call Draco. I was so excited to see him for the first time in my life. I went to look at myself in the mirror. I had green eyes, and long blond hair. I was short, and I loved myself. I couldn't get over this. I was happy for the reason I most wanted to be for the first time in my life. Then, a boy, who looked like me came in the room. I knew who he was, and I came up, and I hugged him. I remember the look of shock on his face when I hugged him, when he walked into the room. 

"You looked surprised. What about?"

I said, and he hugged me. I felt it in myself. Our relationship was stronger then ever at that moment. I have wanted to see him all of my life, and now, I have. I felt like nothing in my life before. I felt like the most fortunate person alive at that moment, and nothing could stop me from feeling that way. The family went into a big group hug after that, and once we checked out of the hospital, we went home. And at that moment, I felt like I waited all of my life for this, and it was more than worth it.

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