Jessica Malfoy is nothing like her brother. She wants to help people. She can't help it if her brother is overprotective. She wants something the rest of the family didn't. To be known as somebody who does something good. There's only one problem. She's blind!


4. The first week

Draco's P.O.V.

I knew that Jess was mad at them, but I couldn't help it if Potter and Weasly were jerks. I thought that they were nicer than this! Who do they think they are? I've always been mean to them, only because I knew this would happen. I thought that if they were afraid to mess with me, they wouldn't dare touch my little sister. It's kind of late for that now. Harry thinks he's big stuff, doesn't he? I hope he's happy. He crushed a blind 11-year-old's dreams. I remember when we found out she was blind, I was only 1, but when I was 5, I was her protector. At the store, she'd hold my hand. When she went to school, I would walk her to class everyday, no matter what. This was a situation that it would be hard for me to help. It has always been my job to make sure that she is safe, and I'm not going to fail her now. I remember her first day at Hogwarts, she was nervous she'd forget where to go, and get lost. I couldn't help her this time, only because we are in different years. I have always been nervous. People think I'm heartless, cold, going to be like my father one day. They don't know anything about me. I'm only like this because I want them to stay away from me. I don't want them to know that I'm somebody anybody can hang around, and Crabbe and Goyal are like my guards. I don't want them to touch her, I don't want them to know she exist's! They had no idea that I had a sister, they thought that I was an only child. I only do those things for her own good. I want her to know I'm there for her. She's not going to be touched by anyone, while I'm alive!

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