Jessica Malfoy is nothing like her brother. She wants to help people. She can't help it if her brother is overprotective. She wants something the rest of the family didn't. To be known as somebody who does something good. There's only one problem. She's blind!


9. No air

Jessica's P.O.V.

I fell into the cold water. I didn't know how so swim. It felt cool to be underwater for a second, but then I realized something. I couldn't breathe! I was panicked  I was seeing black. I passed out. And I woke up, and a miracle happened. 

Draco's P.O.V.

I rushed to the pool, and jumped in where I saw her lying. Luckily it was only 5 feet deep. I grabbed her from the bottom of the pool, and brought her up to the deck. When mother and father got here, they called the ambulance. When she got to the Muggle hospital. She's only 13, and she's a fighter. I didn't want her to go. I knew she wouldn't. I didn't want her to! She couldn't! I mean, we've gone through so much, she's gone through so much! I mean, I don't want her to go! She deserved her chance to live! She is my everything! Don't leave me Jessica! Don't leave me! I was sitting in her room, alone, and I went through all of her stuff. Her clothes, her uniform, her text books, her journal. I wanted her to be back in this room, right now! I didn't care what it took, I wanted her back! She's rightfully mine! My princess! My Jessica. I remember sorting through her pictures, her in her pink princess dress. And then Mom called me with our phone at home.

"It's an emergency! You need to come here right now!"

And so I grabbed my jacket and my sneakers, and I ran 3 blocks to the hospital, just to see her. I thought it was something it wasn't. 

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