I'm Sorry That I Loved You

Louis and Harry have always been close, Harry's youth persuading him that it's only brotherly love but over a painful period of time, he recognises how mistaken he was, he realises that he's sorry for everything that has happened.

~This is Larry Stylinson so sorry if you don't like it but...~


6. Chapter 5

"Harry, please don't keep being so upset...I'm really sorry I never visited.... but I've been looking after my mum, she needs me just as much as you do Haz and there's only one of me to go around..." His sweet and caring voice soothed Harry as the two of them were alone in a bright white endless room with just one bed; as Harry sat and consistently cried with Louis cradling him in one arm "I...I just don't understand why you left me..." the weak boy forced out of his bone dry lips as Louis smiled with his lip beginning to quiver... "its complicated Haz, but so many factors were involved and I just snapped, but its okay, ill be with you whenever I possibly can, and when were both here in heaven, we can be in paradise" the older boy kissed his best friends lips tenderly and rubbed his cheek softly as the room began to shatter and Louis blew away into pigments

Harry woke up once again with wide eyes, left in the definition of hell. Harry pulled out his prized possession, and flicked over to the correct page.

You came to me in my dream last night, our soft cuddling, tender kisses and those hugs I crave, I'm going insane without you, how come your so perfect... and I can't grab you and never let you go. I feel so worthless, the routine is still on going, and I keep missing concerts... I feel terrible for it, but every time you have my back so km grateful for such a person as you, however I do not full comprehend how you come up with such good reasons, how you always stay so calm even though inside I can see your eyes are scared, don't be scared, i'll be in a happier place if I do the unthinkable, don't you dare follow in my footsteps Harry, please be the strong courageous boy I love...
Love you
Louis xx 

Harry didn't feel strong anymore, not since Louis left, he couldn't fulfil what Louis wanted, and he knew he defiantly couldn't cry anymore. Harry's eyes had become grey with pain and a zombie like state crept into his body like a disease... but they do say love is an illness don't they?

 The boys were becoming worried, more and more bandages were surrounding Harry's body. As Harry locked the door of the bathroom assuming that the same old routine would be repeated and the boys would be downstairs was a misjudgement, Zayn slammed on the door
"Come on Harry! I really need the toilet." he said chuckling slightly as Harry became startled '
"Coming now!" Harry said weakly as he began to fumble for a bandage he slipped on some of the blood lying on the floor, falling gracefully to the ground and splitting open his head on the tiled flooring, but as if that was it, Harry's hand was jolted upwards and the razor sharp blade stabbed through his arm as blood continued to pour.
Becoming impatient, Zayn tried opening the door as the silence pierced his eardrums "GUYS HARRY WONT OPEN THE DOOR, LIAM, NIALL HELP!!!!!!!" Zayn screamed as he heard the thud when Harry hit the floor and began to panic, Liam and Niall were up the stairs in a blink of an eye and before anything got said Liam began kicking down the door
" Come. On". Liam repeated in between kicks when after five minutes the lock broke and the door was prised open. That was when the boys screamed and fell down to their knees for the second time, shakily calling for an ambulance Zayn was a pale wreck.
"I...I was outside..." he sobbed uncontrollably as the blood covered the bathroom floor and sides from where it initially jumped out of Harry's arm and in the middle was the one person who so badly hid his emotions in front of the, they were blinds to believe he would be okay and now they knew, he was a priority. He was their priority.


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