I'm Sorry That I Loved You

Louis and Harry have always been close, Harry's youth persuading him that it's only brotherly love but over a painful period of time, he recognises how mistaken he was, he realises that he's sorry for everything that has happened.

~This is Larry Stylinson so sorry if you don't like it but...~


3. Chapter 2

Sitting in a curled up ball rocking softly Harry's endless tears engulfed his face. Liam had left, because he became incredibly frustrated over the situation blaming Harry for all of it. after countless attempts Zayn and Niall were downstairs comforting each other and allowed Harry his wish: to be alone. Hours had passe before Harry had remotly stopped crying, his red puffy eyes were pomenant on his pale skin, his beautiful eyes discolouring at the thought of the night evets, the constant shaking of his weak body, a raw and croaky voice replaced the angelic one he once had. Harry Styles was far from himself. As he crawled into the bedsheets on what was Louis' side he carefully picked up the laptop case opening it to find the book, pictures and his laptop. Sliding the book from the laptop case he peeled open the front cover 

Harry,                                                                                                                                    if your reading this book then i either
1: wasnt very good at hiding it or,
2: couldnt explain my emotions for you,
well here goes, these last three years harry ive loved ive loved seeing you being with you singing to you but you never got the point, I've always loved you, but id be mad to think you loved me back..
What i want you to do harry is never stop being yourself; not even if i do something stupid, read a page of this book everyday its what i'll write from now on, my computer files has all the conversations with me you'll ever need if you eventually feel the same, and all thats left to say is im sorry that i love you Harold
from your Boobear xxx

Harry's head spun with the information that crammed is head, feelings of guilt, confusion and pure horror invaded in his personal space, as he flicked over the next page desperate for more answers to what Louis could possibly have meant. Sliding the next page over the last made the young boy nervous but in his heart he did not fully know if it was nerves for reading the passage or nerves on the evergrowing love for his best friend. On this page a picture of Harry and Louis at the auditions laid framed in ink, doodles of hearts like a child would do on their first real crush, whilst Harry read the writing scribbled onto the page the only voice he heard was the one he wanted to hear... Louis..

Remember the day i first met you haz?
Remember how all we did was talk about nothing but shit, i miss those days,
now all your occupied with is girls and before you say 'no I'm not. Yes Harry yes you are. For instance: Caroline? I mean what the fuck were you doing?! Taylor? Harry, even i could see that wasn't going to work out and as for Kendal? How can i compeate with her... I cant. I hate you for how you make me feel and then when i try to show it you go away with the newest additton to your life. I've cried myself to sleep so many times harry because.. Well just because you don't care. Im obviously not good enough for you so my pain is taken away by something i don't want to say through a letter, my wrists .are sore haz... And im sorry i know you'll cry if you read this but its the only way.
Lou x

Harry's eyes once again filled up, he had been so stupid throughout all of it, how did he not clock on?!?! It was now 3.00am when Harry had scanned the delicate page for a final time as his eyes got became fixated on a fingerprint of what harry hoped was red ink although he was highly doubting this assumption. Before harry became ill, thinking about what Louis had done, he slammed the book shut and pulled out his phone to text Kendall
"hey im sorry its late but i just wanted to say i love you<3" almost instantly his phone buzzed
"It's not so late over here silly, and I love you too<3" Harry smiled and turned over cuddling a pillow desperate for Louis to be there when he wakes, and that its all a dream. Niall crept upstairs quietly to check on Harry, pressing his head against the door to hear light snoring was reassuring for him
"He's asleep." Niall spoke relieved at the thought nothing bad had happened to him. The front door of the apartment quietly opened to see a red eyed Liam who seemed to have done nothing but cry.
"I need to apologize to Harry, where is he?? I don't want to loose him as well... I...I can't" a fragile looking Liam swallowed hard as Niall told him softly that he had gone to bed and that he was positive he would forgive him. Zayn was experiencing the 'anger and blame' stage of his emotions and therefore had gone to bed in order to spare the feelings of his band mates. Guiding Liam to one of the spare bedrooms, Niall sat Liam down on the bed
"Everything will be fine Li..." assuring Liam as he nodded slightly not believing a word he said...

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