Case Closed - Zerrie Fan Fiction (feat. Jarry)

"Zayn! You need to stop this! You know it's bad for you, yet you still smoke! Stop it!" I exclaimed. [...] "When are you gonna stop acting like this! You care too much, Perrie. It will end if you stay like this." He told me and broke me into pieces. "I thought so too. I'm sorry for caring." I apologized. I took off my ring and put it on the table, then I got up and left the love of my life behind. Forever. *****

Perrie and Zayn broke up. It was hard at first, then they knew they probably wouldn't see each other again. Until Harry and Jade spend more time with each other's band so sometimes, they meet. They both kept it away from their friends, from Simon, from the media but soon enough everybody knew. Their love turned to hate. But behind that hate, is there a bit of sweetness?


2. Chapter 2

"There you go. We'll have fun and come back to check on you." Niall reassured me, giving me a warm smile at the end. I smiled back, at everyone. Well, at Jade, Harry, Niall and Liam. Louis, Leigh, Jesy and Zayn are in the other car. Thank God we weren't in the same car... "What are you gonna do anyway?"

"Thanks, Ni." I thanked him, then looked at Jade, Liam and Harry who were joking and laughing. "I'll probably get some sleep. If not then I'm gonna tweet the fans. But I'll stay in bed anyways." I told him. "Hey guys, don't be too immature wherever you're going. Liam, I'm counting on you even though you're gonna be as immature as them." I said, making Jade and Harry chuckle. Liam fake glared at me.

"Pezza? You know, they sent us the lyrics of a song and asked us to add some parts and you know, fix it. Can you do it, please?" Jade pleaded. It wouldn't be that bad, right? At least, I'll get my mind off of things.

"Sure. I mean, it wouldn't be that bad. We wrote the whole album, except that song so yeah. Why not?" I said. Jade gave me a thankful smile and waved. "Bye." I waved back. Both cars drove away, leaving me in front of the huge building. Thirteenth floor, not bad, eh? Just an unlucky number.

I entered the building, made my way towards the elevators. I pressed the button and hopefully, the elevator opened right away. I stepped inside and pressed number 13. The doors closed, and suddenly I found myself on the right floor. I got out of the elevator and got out the keys to unlock the door but the heart shaped keychain brought back some flashbacks.



"Perrie! I missed you so much!" Zayn exclaimed, hugging me. I just came back from the interview.

"But you saw me this morning." I pointed out. He pecked my lips, then took something out of his pocket.

"I bought these for the both of us." He said, showing me two key chains with our initials. One of them was white, with P.E carved on it in black. The other one was black and had Z.M carved in white.

"Oh my God, Zayn. They're so beautiful! I love them!" I exclaimed truthfully. I hugged him. "So, shall I take the black one? To remember you?" I asked him. He chuckled.

"Of course, love. I'll take the white one to remember you. So I'll feel you around me when you're far from where I am." He explained.

"You're so cheesy." I told him. He faced me and I leaned in to kiss him.

*End of Flashbacks*


I wiped away the tears that formed in my eyes at these old memories. I unlocked the door and got in, trying my best not to look at the keychain.

You can't live like that, Perrie. He gave you many things.

Yeah. Why did we have to end like this? We were perfect. We were strong enough to keep our relationship going, yet we broke up because he's had enough of me. I just wish we didn't end up like this. Even if we were meant to break up, not this way.

I took off my warm coat and put it on a chair. I threw myself on the sofa, and took my phone in my hands. I decided to tweet the fans, since I didn't since a few days.


@LittleMixOffic: Hey mixers! Are you ready for the Neon Lights tour? I am! xxperriexx


Nice, right? Didn't bring the subject up. No one will be suspicious. Or they'll think it's just a little fight. I just hope that Modest! doesn't find out too soon.

I scrolled through Zayn and I's pictures, smiling at each memory. Instead of sitting there, watching our old pictures, I got up to edit the song. I found the lyrics on my email, so I printed them to write on the papers.

The song was called Towers and it only needed my solo. Good thing that I'm the one who has to write it. I knew the beat anyways so it wasn't that hard. I decided to write the same solo since I sing twice, and maybe edit the second solo a bit. I kept singing Leigh's solo to get a matching solo. Suddenly, I found myself writing a few lines.


When you knock on my door

And tell me you don't wanna fight

Oh, baby I'm sure that I'm not gonna fall this time


I sang it a few times and edited it for the second solo.


So don't knock on my door

And tell me you don't wanna fight

Cause I've heard it before

And I'm not gonna let this time

Not going back this time


See? I'm done with the lyrics. It wasn't that hard to right lyrics, you just have to be in the mood. I opened the TV and The Hunger Games was on. I decided to watch it, even though I've seen it before.


*knock* *knock* *knock*

I made my way to the door, groaning, not wanting to miss Ruth's death. I opened the door to see Jade, Liam, Harry and Niall. The others probably went home. "Hey!" I greeted them, letting them in.

"You better now?" Liam asked, making me nod. In fact, I was a bit better, but still broken and scared. I don't know how management will react. I don't know how will the fans react. Or the media. I just, it's complicated and we can't tell anyone the reason. The media'll want to know though, management too but they won't force us to tell them. I think.

"I wrote the lyrics. Well, edited the lyrics." I corrected myself. We all went in the living room, sitting down. "Where are the others?" I asked.

"They're tired so they went home. We were more energetic." Niall joked. "By the way, these two were acting like toddlers." He smiled, mentioning Jade and Harry. I laughed at the look on their faces.

"Hey Pez? Do you know why Zayn's been acting weird around us? He basically was following us like a lost puppy. He never talked to us, laughed at our jokes and at our silliness. He seems weirder than he naturally is." Jade told me.

Of course. I do, Jade. He's probably sad about our breakup. Just like me. but I'm sad, broken, scared, worried, mad, angry but I controlled myself around all of you. Even Zayn. I didn't break down crying. I kept myself together and stayed strong.

"No. He didn't tell me anything. He was happy when we left Harry's house. I don't know." I lied. If you only knew...

"Oh. I'll ask him about that later. Don't worry, Perrie. He's probably stressed." Harry told me. I smiled at him.

I still care.

I still love him.

I still miss him.

I'm lying to my best friend because of him.

He's gonna ruin it by telling someone.

"So when are you guys getting back on tour? It's been two weeks." I asked them. Maybe if he's away I'll forget.

"About that... We have two days left. We're back on tour on Thursday. And we're Monday. When are you starting your tour?" Liam asked. I can't seem to remember...

"Next week." Jade answered. Good. "We published the whole album except Towers. We're gonna sing it on tour. I'm so excited!" Jade exclaimed.

I'm waiting for next week. I want to start touring to get my mind off of things. Like him.

"Oh, Jade. I'm going to South Shields tomorrow. Gonna spend a few days with my family." I told her. In fact, my parents will get my mind off of him and I really miss them.

"Okay, um, but did you tell Zayn?" Jade asked me. I rolled my eyes.

"I'll text him." I simply said. "You can remind him too. He forgets easily." I told them. I don't know how long I'll keep up with these lies... But they'll know, soon.

"Could you tell Deborah we said hi?" Niall asked, confusing me.

"How do you know my mother's name? I never mentioned it to you." I said. Harry and Niall pointed at Jade while Liam told me.

"Zayn told us. Deborah Duffy and Alexander Edwards." He said.


"Are you taking anything with you?" Harry asked me. I simply shook my head. I had other stuff in South Shields, I didn't need to take things with me. Maybe just a few portable things.

"Just my phone, my laptop, my headphones, my iPod and my makeup. Electronics." I told Harry. He nodded his head, understanding.

"Well now it's 7 pm so we gotta leave. You know, since you have to drive in the early morning and it's a 5 hours long drive. So yeah..." Niall said, getting up. The three others did the same.

"Alright, I guess I'll call you in the following days." I told them. I unlocked the front door and opened it so they can leave. I hugged each one of them and waved at them as they got in the car to leave. I slowly closed the door and locked it.

"Forever alone." I whispered, before putting a few things in a backpack. I just needed my makeup and my electronics. I walked in my room and laid in bed, tired.

Tomorrow, I'll be home. I'll be in South Shields, with my parents and Jonnie. I won't have to worry about my famous life. I'll forget about my problems, about him. I'll forget about my lover, my heartbreaker.

My phoned beeped, signaling me of the new notification. I looked at it.


New message from Zayn.

New message from Zayn.

New message from Zayn.


I unlocked my phone and it beeped again. Four messages in a minute, seriously? Without reading his texts, I replied. I received another text from him, that's when I read from the beginning.

Was he being serious? I like the fact that he didn't tell anyone, but he doesn't need to know. If no one brought it up then no one knows... yet. I won't tell unless they ask. Yeah, pretty much.

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