Missing Link

Kadence's family moves to a new town called Beacon Hills to start a new life. But is this really the life Kadence wants. From school crushes to mysterious killings Kadence will go through it all. What happens when she meets a person who changes her life? What happens when she saw something she shouldn't have seen that costs her life? And it all falls into place, because she is the missing link.


1. New School, Old Friends, Big Problems

~Kadence's POV~

I walked into the office and went to go meet the principal. He gave me an assuring smile as I walked up to him.

"Hi I'm Kadence. The new student." I said.

"Hello Kadence I am your principal, Mr.Argent." he said.

"Hi." I said.

"Now let me escort you to you first class." he said.

He led me down the hallway. He went into a room full of people.

"Mr.Harris, this is your new student." he said.

"Well, then I'll give her a seat and make her feel welcome." he said.

Principal Argent left the room. Everybody stared at me. I looked down at my shoes scared. I kinda get shy around people. Mr.Harris spoke up.

"Class I'd like you to meet Ms......." he said waiting for me to finish my name.

"Kadence. Kadence McCall." I said.

Two of the boys heads shot up looking at me stunned. I just looked at the floor. Dont. Make. Eye contact. Mr.Harris continued.

"Well, Ms.McCall, it seems like the only seat left is next to Mr.Stilinski over there. Don't let his absentmindedness bother you." he said.

I smiled holding back a laugh. He pointed to the seat next to the boy who was staring at me.

"Thank you, sir." I said.

I walked over to the seat and sat down quietly. I put my bag next to me.

"Now students, we will be having a chemistry test next tuesday so I assume you will start studying tonight, and I am talking to you Mr.McCall." he said.

McCall? That's my last name. I turned over my shoulder. That boy looks vaguely like me.

"But for now open your textbooks to page 142. Ms.McCall I assume you will be sharing a textbook with someone." he said.

"Yes, sir." I said.

Oh god. That means I have to talk to someone. I have selective mutism.

"I-I'll share it with you." the boy next to me said.

I nodded at him feebishly. I moved my desk next to him. He opened up his text book and sat it up. He turned to speak to me.

"Hi I'm Stiles. You must be Kadence. By any chance do you know Scott McCall?" he asked.

I shook my head. My heart started pounding and I was about to have a panic attack. It is very normal for me with my selective mutism. A boy pulled Stiles to the side. I could hear them whispering.

"Stiles you're scaring her. I can hear her heart beat racing." he whispered.

"Well, I only asked a quick question Scott." he said.

"Well stop. I'll try to get Allison to talk to her later." Scott said.

What? What's going on? After what seemed like an hour the bell rang. Mr.Harris called me back.

"Ms. Kadence go see Principal Argent for your schedule." Mr.Harris instructed.

"Yes, sir." I said.

I grabbed my bag and avoided eye contact with Scott and Stiles, even though their stares pierced right through me. I saw Scott take out his phone and texted someone, Allison I am guessing. I rushed out of the room as quickly as possible. I rushed to the principal's office. Before, I could get in this girl, Allison I am guessing (again), walked into my path and blocked me. She gave me a big smile.

"Hi. You must be Kadence. Scott told me about you." she said.

I nodded. Oh god. I gave her a friendly wave and tried to smile. She gave me a confused look, but shook it off.

"Here after you get your paper do you want me to show you around the school?" she asked.

I nodded sheepishly and she let me go past her. I went straight to the office.

"So, Kadence, here is your schedule." he said handing me my schedule.

Before I could leave he stopped me.

"Ms.Kadence I hope you don't mind, but when I looked at your doctor's records I saw you had selective mutism. So I assigned my granddaughter, Allison, to be your guide around the school. I made sure you have all the same classes as her. She will be waiting for you outside the room. Don't worry, Kadence, you can trust her. I want you to at least try to talk to her." he said.

I nodded.

"I will, Mr.Argent. Thank you." I said.

"Have a nice day." he said.

I walked out the door but stopped and turned around.

"You too." I said.

I walked out and went up to Allison.

"Hi Kadence." she said.

"H-Hi." I squeaked.

"I heard you had selective mutism. Don't worry. I will help you with that." she said.

"Thank you." I said more loudly.

We walked down the hallway. Allison turned to face me.

"By any chance do you-"

"Know Scott McCall? No. I don't. Scott told Stiles you would ask me." I cut her off.

"You know Stiles?" she asked.

"No, but he introduced himself. Too bad I couldn't say anything back. I got so scared. My mutism is worse around boys." I said.

Suddenly, the two boys spotted us and headed our way.

"Speaking of boys. Hi guys." Allison said.

"Hey." they said.

"Hey Kadence." Stiles said.

I looked down at my shoes. No eye contact. Stiles lifted my chin up with his hand.

"Hey. Why are you so quiet?" he asked.

I started panicking again. I looked everywhere but his eyes. I turned at Allison and she put her hand on my shoulder. I bolted to the bathroom. I heard Scott call my name and Allison slapped Stiles upside the head.

"Kadence wait!" she ran into the bathroom.

"I just froze. I couldn't help it." I cried.

"Don't worry. I will help you. Can I tell them about your problem?" she asked.

I nodded. She lead me out of the bathroom. They were waiting for us. Stiles spoke up.

"Are you okay Kadence?" he asked.

"She has selective mutism. She can't talk. Especially around boys." she said.

Stiles's face softened up.

"Kadence. I-I am so sorry. I didn't know. I-"

"Stiles. It's ok." Allison said.

I nodded.Suddenly, a girl walked up to us. I know her anywhere. Once she saw me she smiled and held her arms out. I pushed past Stiles and Scott. They looked stunned.

"ERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.

"KADY!!!!" she yelled.

She held me at arms length and scanned me.

"How are you?" she asked.

"I'm good. Wow. How'd you get that look. I love it." I said.

"Oh well there's this-"

"*clears throat* Erica. I thought you said we CANT tell anyone." Scott said as if it had a different meaning.

"Oh calm down Scott. I think Kady would love a touch up." she said winking at Scott.

I smiled.

"Kady wanna hang out after school. I have someone I need to introduce you too." she said.

"Sure Erica. Aw it's great to see you, but I gotta get to class." I said.

She nodded. Allison and the boys led me down the hall. As soon as we turned the corner they turned towards me and stopped me.

"Listen Kadence, I know you two are 'besties', but you can't go to her house after school." Scott said.

"Yeah you can't go to her house. We wont let you." Stiles said.

"STILES!!!" Allison yelled.

"Sorry. Well, Kadence you can't go." Stiles said.

My eyes popped out of my head. I started freaking out. My heart raced and I couldn't breathe. Before I knew it I was having a panic attack. I started hyperventilating. I sat on the ground.

"What's going on?" Stiles asked.

"She's having a panic attack!" Scott yelled.

"Well, we were all talking to her at once. It was too much too handle." Allison scolded.

"Take her to the nurse." Allison instructed.

Scott and Stiles picked me up and ran to the nurse's office. Then they left. I sat there as the nurse handed me a paper bag and calmed me down. After I was calmed down she called my teacher on the intercom and told them I would be there for awhile. After what seemed like an hour she let me out. By the time I got out it was lunch time. Ugh! This will be fun.



I was walking down the hall when Erica pinned me against the wall.

"Oh my god. You like Kadence." she hissed.

"Wha-What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Oh save it Stiles. Now, let me introduce her to Derek or I will introduce her to Isaac. Maybe I'll set them up on a little date. It's your choice." she threatened.

"I won't let you ruin her life." I said.

"Fine. Then I'll just ruin yours." With that she walked down the hall as the bell rang.

Time for lunch.



I sat at a table by myself. I quietly started chewing on my ham sandwich I made this morning. Suddenly; Stiles, Scott, Allison, and some other girl raced Erica and two boys to my table. They both sat in front of me except for Erica who was sitting next to me.

"Um...hi." I said.

"Hey Kady. Well I came over here to introduce you to my friends and ask you a question." she said.

I nodded. She continued.

"First off this is Isaac." she said.

Isaac waved and I waved back feebishly with a big smile on my face. Wow. He is just....wow.

"And this is Boyd." she pointed to the other boy.

I waved to Boyd. I looked back at Erica.

"The question?" I asked.

"Oh right. I was wondering if you wanted to sit with us over at our table?" she asked.

"Sure." I said.

"Ok meet you there." she said.

As got up she wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I unraveled it and read it. My eyes widened.

Watch out for Scott. Don't Trust Him!

I looked at the paper stunned. I can't trust Scott? Okay then. Stiles spoke up.

"Kadence this is Lydia." he said.

"Hi." she said.

I waved and continued eating. I picked up my stuff and walked to Erica's table. We continued our lunch and caught up on our lives. Isaac is really sweet. But they keep having these weird eye conversations and smiling at me. I don't know. LOL. The rest of the day went by like a breeze. I went to my locker and put all my books in it. When I closed it I jumped out of my skin. Stiles stood there.

"Hey Kady. Care to take a walk with me?" he asked.

"Uh.....s-sure." I Said.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked.

"Sure." I said.

"By any chance are you parents.........divorced?" he asked.

I stopped.

"Woah. Woah. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just curious." he said.

He wiped something off my face. I wasn't even aware about my crying until I saw a drop on my arm.

"Why do you ask?" I sniffled.

"Uh..I-I....um.......just curious." he stuttered.

"Well, it's personal." I said.

"Hey! You talked to me. I just realized this is the first conversation we have had." he said.

I nodded and smiled at him. Suddenly, I felt an arm around me. I turned to see Isaac. Erica, and Boyd were right behind him. He gave me a heart stopping smile.

"Ready to go babe?" he asked.

"Sure. Bye Stiles." I said.

"Wait but I need to- never mind." he mumbled.

Isaac turned me around and walked me down the hall with Erica and Boyd. I turned around, waved, and smiled. Today was a great day.



Erica is bringing her to Derek. I got to stop this. And I know just how to do that. I ran over to Scott's locker. He closed the locker and jumped.

"JEEZ STILES!!!" he yelled.

"Hi to you too. Look I have a way we can find out more about Kadence." I said.

"How?" he asked.

"Her permanent record." he said.

We both went down the hall and gasped. Allison and Lydia were waiting for us.

"Let's go. I have an idea." I said.

We snuck into Mr.Argent's office and went into the students' files. We looked down the files.













M....McCall. Finally. I opened the file.

Name: Kadence Elizabeth McCall

Grades: Straight 'A' student

Information: Parents divorced when in grade school

Condition: selective mutism

Interesting. I stopped. I read the next line carefully:

Father: Travis McCall

Mother: Melissa McCall

Has 1 sibling(s)

"Scott...you might want to see this." I called him over.

Scott came over and read the paper. His mouth dropped. He choked out the words.

"I have a sister?" he asked.

"Yeah and in three seconds you are about to have a werewolf sister. So i think we better move our asses." I insisted.

Scott wouldn't move.

"Scott are you okay?" Allison asked.

"I have a sister. I-I have a sister. Wh-Who lives with my father." he said as if processing it right now.

"Scott I know it's a lot to handle but we need to get moving." Allison said.

"Allison and Stiles are right Scott. We need to go." Lydia said.

"I-I have a sister. A living. Breathing. Sister." he repeated.

"Ok he must be out of his mind. So I'm just gonna go ahead and say what we are all thinking. What's the plan?" I asked.



While we were out of the school another girl approached us.

"Wh-Who is this?" I whispered to Erica feebishly.

"This is Sabrina. She's hanging out with us too." Boyd said.

"O-Ok." I said.

Isaac planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Calm down Kady. I can hear your heart racing a mile a minute." he said.

I swallowed and nodded. Erica handed us both blindfolds. Before I could, Sabrina gave Erica a puzzled look.

"It's a surprise. Trust me." she said smiling.

I nodded and put the blindfold on. Sabrina must've followed because Erica continued.

"Isaac. Boyd." she said.

Next thing I knew I was being hoisted up on someone's shoulder. It must've been Isaac because I felt his voice vibrate though out his back.

"Hold on tight." he said.

I did as I was told and they all started running. Isaac must be a really fast runner. The wind stung my face and as he came to a sudden halt I gasped. I prepared myself as he slid myself down his back. They led me down a path and into a room. I was sat down in a chair and my blindfold was taken off. Erica and the others were gone. It was just Sabrina, me, and this other guy. He has short black hair that spikes up, is very tall, and had red eyes.

"Names?" he asked.

"Sabrina." the girl said out of fear.

I stayed quiet. He went up to me.

"Can you please tell me your name?" he asked.

I couldn't speak. I couldn't move.

"Listen. I only say things nice once. Now. What's. Your. Name." he said.

I froze. My heart racing. He only got madder and madder.

"So we are gonna do this the hard way, huh?" he said.

I shook my head. He took my arm and with one slight motion: snapped the bone in half. My screams filled the room. I cried and cried.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"K-Kadence. Kadence McCall." I said.

"Scott has a sister?" he asked.

"I am not related to Scott. Who are you anyways?" I asked.

"I'm Derek Hale." he said.

"And I'm still here." Sabrina said sarcastically.

"By the way let me help you with that." he said.

Within one second he snapped my bone back into place. I screamed bloody murder. I screamed for five minutes straight. Someone help me. Derek instructed Sabrina to stand up so she did as she was told.

"Close your eyes and picture a happy place." he said.

She closed her eyes. Suddenly, the door burst open. Scott.


~Scott (A couple minutes ago)~

I couldn't move. I have a sister. In Stiles's car, I looked out the window in a haze. Suddenly, someone's screaming put me back into place. I know that scream anywhere.

"Kadence!" I yelled.

I opened the car door and jumped out.

"SCOTT!!!!" They yelled.

I raced to Derek's underground hideout. The door is locked. What are they doing there? I heard more screaming. Everything got quiet so I took a few steps back and I lunged forward. The door came off the hinges and I shouted.

"DEREK!! DON'T!!!!!!" I yelled.

I was too late. All I could do was fall to the ground as Derek's canine fangs tore into an innocent girl's side. She gasped as he let her fall to the floor in shock. I rushed over to her.

"Shh. It's ok. You're gonna be okay." I said.

She nodded. I looked over to Derek as he walked towards Kadence. Her eyes wide with fear. I jumped and kicked Derek off balance. I turned.

"RUN!!! KADENCE!!! GO!!!!" I instructed.

She didn't move. She was frozen. Luckily, Stiles and Allison ran in. Stiles scooped her up and ran outside with Allison. I heard the car engine turn on and drive away. Before Derek could move, I picked up the girl and ran outside. I need to get them out of here. I took her to my house and texted Stiles. He came over and brought a sleeping Kadence. We all laid on the floor and went to sleep. I hope this plan works.

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