Missing Link

Kadence's family moves to a new town called Beacon Hills to start a new life. But is this really the life Kadence wants. From school crushes to mysterious killings Kadence will go through it all. What happens when she meets a person who changes her life? What happens when she saw something she shouldn't have seen that costs her life? And it all falls into place, because she is the missing link.


2. Delirious


I woke up in someone's room. There were five other people here. Oh wait! One of them is Kadence. I know her. I crawled across the floor and tapped her leg until she jolted awake. She looked over at me.

"What? What time is it?" she asked.

"Time to get the hell out of here. Do you know these people?" I asked.

She looked around and gasped.

"You are right. We gotta get the hell out of here." she said.

We quietly got up and walked towards the door. Suddenly, a floor board squeaked under Kadence's bare foot. One of the boy's eyes popped open. He gasped when he saw us leaving.

"Wait!" he called out waking up the others.

Kadence and I exchanged looks. She shook her head rapidly.

"RUN!!" she squeaked out.

We dashed out of the room and round the corner. There were two hallways. We split up. She mouthed out 'don't look back' and ran down the hallway. I didn't listen. I turned back while running and saw two girls running after me. Oh no!!!! The boys are after Kadence! There was a room at the end of the hallway. I ran surprisingly faster than normal. Faster than humanely possible. I flung open the door and slammed it in their face. I put chairs and a bed up next to it. I heard Kadence scream. I sat in a corner of the room. I heard the conversation in the other room.

"Kadence c'mon. Open the door. It's me and Scott. You know us." a boy said.

"Why are we here?" she asked.

"Um....well......you slept over.....and........"

"LIAR!!! I-I am gonna c-call the po-lice." she yelled.

"Actually Lydia has your phone." the boy said.

"Bitch." she mumbled.

"I heard that." Scott said.

"Perfect. Wait I dont feel so...." I heard a thud.


I heard the door being punched. NO!! KADENCE!!! I don't feel so well. Suddenly, my vision changed. I saw everything, smelled everything, heard everything. I ran to the door and punched it open. I ran past Allison and Lydia who looked like they would pass out. I ran down the hall where I heard the voices. I pushed the boy out of the way and picked Kadence's limp body up. I looked Scott in the eye. His changed color. So did mine. I ran towards the open window and jumped out. I don't really remember the next thing that happened. All I know is I woke up with a splitting headache. Where am I? I looked over to see Kadence's spasming body flop around helplessly. I looked around. Wait! This place is scarcely familiar. Oh no! A tall figure walked into the room. I know that face anywhere. Derek Hale. I stuttered.

"Y-You need to help her." I cried.

"No. I don't." he said.

"P-Please." I pleaded.

"Go to school. I will take care of her." he said picking her up bridal style.

"N-No." I said.

"What did you say?" he asked.

"I said no." I said.

"You don't understand. I am your leader. Do you know how easily I can kill you?" he asked.

With those words spoken I was out the door. Poor Kadence.


My body kept shaking and I was hyperventilating. This guy walked up to us. Oh god. Derek Hale. He went up to me.

"So...we meet again Kadence." he said.

"H-Help. M-Me." I stuttered.

"Oh I'll help you. And more." he said.

He went up to me and held my arm. His veins popped out and I started to feel better. What was going on? He backed away and I was back to normal. His face. It...It changed. His eyes were red and he had sharp teeth. He pinned me to the ground. He grabbed my arm. He was about to bite it when I kicked him where the sun don't shine......and never will. I got up and ran outside. I was in the middle of the frickin forest! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I ran as fast as I could. I finally saw my house. I ran in and locked the door. I went and grabbed my bags. I called the only person I know I can trust: Allison. She answered on the first ring.

"Kadence?" she asked.

"A-Allison I need you to h-help me. H-He's craz-y. H-He tried t-to bi-te m-me. I don't kn-know what's go-ing on. H-He's after m-me. I am so sca-red." I heard him banging on my door. "He's in my house Allison. P-Please help m-me." I cried hysterically.

"Oh My God!!!! I'll send Scott and Stiles over!" she yelled.

"O-Ok." i said.

He punched a hole in my door.

"AAAAAH!!! HELP ME!!!" I yelled.

I ran in my closet and I got another phone call.

"H-Hello?" I asked.

"Kadence! It's me Stiles." he said panicky.

"S-Stiles?" I asked.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"H-He's gonna b-bite a-and k-kill m-me." I cried.

"Who!?!?!" he yelled.

"D-Derek. D-Derek Hale." I cried.

I heard him yell through the phone.

"SCOTT!!! C'MON LETS GO!!!" he yelled.

I started crying. Suddenly, he burst through the door. He went up close to me. I could feel his breath on my face.

"Never. Run. Away from me." he said.

"Y-You are not the b-boss of m-me Mister." I said.

"I will be soon. You'll see. Now stand still." he said.

I froze. He pulled my hand near him.

"You'll thank me later. If this doesn't kill you." he said.

My eyes shot open. His canine fangs came in. He was about to sink his teeth into my arm when Scott came crashing through the door. He jumped right on Derek who knocked me into the wall. My head hit the wall and I got dizzy.

"KADENCE!! RUN!!" he yelled.

I tried to run. I couldn't move. I started up at Scott. His eyes changed color. And he had fangs. And-And-what is he? I saw Stiles run up to me.

"Kadence! What did he do to you?" he asked.

"M-My he-ad." I stuttered.

My head felt like a thousand pounds. Stiles sat down next to me.

"We need to get out of here." he said.

"S-Scott. Wh-What about Scott?" I asked.

"He'll take care of Derek." he said.

"B-but D-Derek's a monster...Scott's just a....teenager." I said.

"You have no idea." Stiles said.

"Stiles..." I said.

"Yeah." he said.

"Take me to the freaking hospital." I said.

"OH!! Oh right!" he said.

He picked me up and ran to his Jeep. He drove as fast as he could. Once, we got to the hospital he ran through the door with me in his arms bridal style.

"HELP!!! CAN WE GET SOME HELP HERE!!!" he yelled.

Some doctors took me out of Stiles's arms. I heard Stiles.

"Oh my god that is a lot of blood." he said.

After that I couldn't hold on. I let myself be consumed by the darkness.


Oh god! Kadence is really close to finding out about werewolves. What do I do? I walked into the room where she was laying there. All peaceful and helpless.....and beautiful. The way her long dark brown hair is perfectly curled at the bottom an-WOAH!! Where did that thought come from? I like Lydia. Not Kadence, plus Scott would never allow it. Maybe it was just the adrenaline talking. What adrenaline? Oh great now I am mentally talking to myself. I walked in the room and sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed.



How does she keep getting away? She is only a sixteen year old girl. And she isn't a werewolf! Not yet anyways. She is way too special. I can't let the alpha pack get to her first. I went into the room. Someone was watching me....I turned around and saw Peter.

"Soooo......how does it feel to know you can't get a sixteen year old girl?" he taunted.

"Shut up." I said.

"Well....I have a plan but if you want me to shut up then...."

"No! What is your plan?" I asked.

"One word: Manipulation. Kadence won't go to you because you have this scary appearence...not to mention dramatic....but I on the other hand...havent introduced myself yet. And we all know I can be very persuasive." he said.

"So how are we gonna do this?" I asked.

"Simple......." he said.

--------------------------Back at the hospital (A couple hours later)--------------------------------


I slowly opened my eyes. What happened to me? As my eyes adjusted to the light I looked over to my right. A boy was watching me while I was sleeping.


The boy started screaming too.



"WHAT?!?!" he yelled.


His face turned red.

"Um....no....I was......um making sure Derek wouldn't get you while you were sleeping?" he said more as a question.

"Um....Thank you. Wait...you carried me here? " I questioned .

"Well yeah. I didn't want to leave you there." he said.

"So...you saved me." i said.

"Well...yeah." he said.

We just kept quiet. Stiles started leaning in and so did I. We were about to kiss when my heart monitor started beeping like crazy. Stiles and I let out an awkward laugh and looked away. His face was crimson. I sighed. My eyes suddenly went wide.

"Scott!" I said.

"Oh he's okay." he said.

"Stiles?" I asked.

"What?" he asked.

"Wh-What is Scott?" I asked.

Stiles's eyes darted away from mine. He wasn't making eye contact.

"Stiles....." I called.

"Um....uh.....he....um....why don't you ask him?" he suggested.

"I....uh....I can't..." I darted my eyes away from him.

"Kadence? Why can't you talk to Scott?" he asked.

"Um....well.....Erica sai-" I covered my mouth.

Stiles is Scott's best friend. He will go right ahead and tell Scott.

"What did Erica say?" he asked.

"I...uh....I don't remember..." I lied.

"You're lying?" said someone else.

I looked at the doorway and gasped. It was Scott.

"N-No I'm not." I lied.

"You are lying again." he said.

"L-Leave me alone." I said.

"What did Erica say?" he asked.

"What are you?" I snapped back.

"What did Erica say?" he asked.

"What. Are. You?" I asked.


"NURSE!!!!! NUUURRRSSEE!!!" I yelled.

I kept pressing the red button. Scott and Stiles froze. A tall woman walked in the room and my heart stopped for a couple seconds. Scott looked at me. Something clicked in my head.

"What's wrong I got called up and........Kadence?" she stopped.

"You......You look just like m-me." I said.

"Kadence I need you to calm down." she instructed.

"You........b-but......It's like......looking i-in a mirror." I stuttered.

My heart rate on the monitor started going really fast.

"Kadence honey please.......Calm. Down..." she pleaded.

"Oh my god are you......but.....what...I......and...." I couldn't form any sentences.

I started to hyperventilate.

"Kadence....sweetheart.....take deep breaths.....in......and out......in.....and out." she instructed.

I slowly breathed in and out. Scott and Stiles backed out of the room.

"We're just.....um.... gonna let you to talk this out....and.....GO!" Stiles pushed Scott out of the room running after him.

All I did was let my mouth hang open.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yeah." she started to sob.

"Th-That's you....." I said.

"Yeah." she said.

"Why.....Why did you leave me with dad?" I asked.

"I am so sorry Kadence he-.....he just took you and ran I didn't know.....I couldn't find you." she cried.

"You-You found me now." I cried.

She held me in a big embrace while we both sobbed.

"How is your mutism?" she asked.

"Getting better." I said.

"I have something else to tell you." she said.

"What?" I asked.

"You have a twin." she said.

My mouth dropped.

"Really who?" I asked all excited.

I always wanted a sibling.

"Scott........he is your brother." she said.

My eyes went wide. You could hear the heart monitor: Beeep.....Beeep......Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep..........Beepbeepbeepbeeepbeeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep. Mom started freaking out.

"Kadence....KADENCE!!! CALM DOWN!!!!" she freaked out.

Scott and Stiles ran in the room. Stiles ran over to me. So did Scott.

"P-Please....P-Please don't hurt me.." I pleaded to Scott.

"Kadence.....I won't hurt you." he said.

"I can't trust you." I slipped out only to cover my mouth.

"That...That's what Erica said...wasn't it?" he asked.

"N-No." I lied.

"So you trust her but not your brother!" he started getting mad.

"I-I'm sorry....I-"

"Did you forget she was the one WHO HANDED YOU TO DEREK!!!!!" he yelled at me.

Tears slipped out of my eyes.

"Scott." his-...our mom yelled.

"No Mom! If she wants to be so stupid and naive enough to trust a blonde psychopath then let her!! I don't care anymore!" he yelled.

"You know what?.......I dont care that you are my brother.....you may be my blood relative but you will NEVER be my brother!!" I yelled.

"Kadence..." mom said.

"I need a shower.." I said.

I got up and started walking out of the room with the IV line attached to me.


I stopped. Full moon. What animal relies on the moon? A wolf....so....OH MY GOD!!! Scott's a werewolf.

"Werewolf." I said.

Stiles overheard me. He started running towards me.

"K-Kadence! Wait! Let me explain!" he yelled.

I didn't want to hear him. I ran straight to the bathroom. I locked the door. I turned around and screamed. There he was. Waiting for me. Derek Hale. I backed away and tried to unlock the door, but he pulled me away. He picked me up and jumped through the window. He ran and ran into the middle of the forest. His eyes glowed a luminous red. He pinned me to the floor. I started softly sobbing.

"P-Please. Let me go." I cried.

"No." he said.

I started crying loudly. Suddenly, with one swift breeze he was off me and I was in the hands of someone else. He ran really fast and had blue eyes. We went into what looked like an apartment. He slowly put me down.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Wh-Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Peter." he said.

"Okay. Well, thank you." I said.

"And whom might you be?" he asked.

"I am Kadence." I said.

"Lovely name." he said.

"Thank you. Why was he after me?" I asked.

"I don't know. But why not ask the question that has always been in your mind: What is going on?" he asked.

"Yeah. What is all this." I said.

"Well Derek and I are trying to save you from Scott. I am trying to be nice, but Derek?.....not so much. He doesn't really have patience." he said.

"Yeah. Why is everyone chasing me?" I questioned.

"More importantly....aren't you tired of being so fragile. Soo...dependant of someone who you barely know?" he asked.

"Well....yeah, but-"

"What would you say if I could just.....make you stronger. More brave?" he asked.

"I would say yeah, but how?" I asked.

"I can show you.....Derek!" he called.

Derek walked out and walked up to me. I gasped and hid behind Peter.

"Don't let him hurt me." I pleaded.

"Don't worry. Now...about that offer?" he asked.

"Before Derek almost bit me earlier.....he said if it doesn't kill me?" I asked.

"Well,....would you rather risk death...or spend the rest of your life as a coward?" he asked.

"Umm..." I said.

"Maybe she can persuade you." he said.

The door opened and Erica walked in the room.

"Hey Kadence." she said.

"Erica! Finally someone I know. What are they talking about?" I asked.

"Don't worry. Just close your eyes and put out your hand and after that....your life will be magnificent." she said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Really." she said.

"But...I don't know....I-"

"Why not? We'll get to spend more time together." I heard Isaac say making me turn around.

"Isaac?" I questioned.

"Yeah." he said.

"So...if this doesn't kill me.....I can be braver." i stated.

"And prettier." Erica said.

"And more." Peter whispered.

I thought this over. What about Mom? What about Dad? What about Sco-no he doesn't care.....What about Stiles? He seems to really care about me. No he will love the new me. Everyone will. I looked over to Peter.

"I'll do it." I said.

I closed my eyes tight and stuck my arm out. I felt someone's presence loom over me.

"Isaac! Only Derek can bite her." Peter said.

I heard a frustrated sigh and I felt Derek tower over me. He lightly grabbed my arm and lifted it up. I felt his breath on my arm and without any warning his canine fangs broke through my skin and just as it entered it left. My face cringed and I slowly opened my eyes and gasped. There were blood stained teeth marks engraved in my arm. Erica squealed with joy.

"I am so excited!! Now let's work on your brand new wardrobe!!" she said.

"Okay." i said.

"You are going to love being a werewolf! Just trust me." Peter said.

"Welcome to my wolf pack." Derek said.

I smiled. I think I am going to be happy here.


We can't find Kadence anywhere? She left for the shower two hours ago. She can be anywhere. I looked over at Scott who had his head in his hands.

"I shouldn't have yelled at her Stiles." he said.

"It's not your fault. It is the full moon." I explained.

Scott froze. He was listening to someone. I think I know exactly who.


I kept quiet as I heard Kadence and Erica chatting.

"I can't wait to get you your own new wardrobe....I always wanted to go on a shopping spree." Erica laughed.

"I know." Kadence laughed.

"Now..let's talk about Stiles.....I heard you have a crush on him..." she said.

Kadence has a crush on Stiles?

"Kinda..I don't know. But from earlier experience I can tell he does not like me back." Kadence moped.

"Well,....Since he will probably never ask me out...let's try to get him to ask you out..." Erica suggested.

"But what about Isaac?" Kadence asked.

"Oh...well....I think you two act more like siblings than a couple..." Erica said.

"Okay....but what if he doesn't like my new style?" Kadence worried.

"Then screw him.....because by the time I am done helping you improve your looks the boy will be practically tearing down your door just to see you." Erica laughed.

Kadence started laughing. Something bad is going on. I don't like it at all.

~Kadence (Later that night)~

After hours of shopping with Erica we walked home to my house and I tried on all the mixtures of my outfit. My house is pretty big and has a lot of room. We agreed on one of my outfit combinations. It was a red tank top with a sparkly plaid design on it, gray skinny jeans, soft black high heels, a black leather jacket, a gold chain necklace, and a yellow hand bag. We both agreed happily and my dad agreed that Erica could sleep over so tomorrow morning she can do my make up. Since I never learned how. Tomorrow is my first Friday in school. I hope people love the new me.

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