Voices of the Heart


1. Voices of the Heart

A shadow far away coming nearer each moment, 

With foregone enchantment swifter than light, 

The voices of my heart pierce the shadow of night,

 Eyes could not have seen the cries made of fright. 


Mute stranger s not hearing the shuffling prance, 

Swayed in dance from the gripping hold of agony, 

I did what no opportunity would have given chance, 

Pass hastily with prayer into the realm of misery.


My naked soul made the call of hopeful choice, 

To try and stem the tide of emotions from inside, 

On the floor I went, to end the screams in silence, 

And pluck up courage where shame tries to hide. 


The bruises appear delirious with implacable scar, 

Beyond the soul stronger voices torment the heart, 

With imagery pasteurizing the grayscales of fear, 

Crying for help, but crippled by the passions once felt. 


Woken from a dream to the glow of another rising sun, 

Visions not forgotten rode by on a brighten screen, 

Blearily pursue the papal breath broken and undone, 

Were these voices of my heart or a voice from heaven? 


In me all the hurt is repeated without honor,

And nothing is forgotten without leaving pain, 

To feel the cold chill pass upon destiny's shore, 

Hearing voices of the heart quietly lamenting. 


They had pierce safe barriers and brought cute hell, 

Far more darker than the torment life has given, 

Repeated voices that arise from my heart to tell, 

The story memories would rather have forgotten.

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