Blood Siblings

Ivan Bonwell had been living in the countryside his whole life, and he loved everything about it. There was where he spent most of his best memories, and he wouldn't change anything, or anyone revolving around him. He was the center of everything: his family, his friends, and the pack he was in. That was until one day, an unexpected stranger, made her way into his life.
Iris Castaway was nearing the breath of death itself until her foster parents changed it all. She was trashed into the darkest of valleys, shivering with cold, hunger, and fear, being left there to die alone, when they found her, fed her, and took her in, despite of her lost of memory and mysterious background. She had a wonderful family, and even though she didn't fit in her school, she was grateful that she was still alive.
One fateful day changed his and her lives, when her foster parents were killed in an accident, and she discovered her true identity.
And together they discovered the family's darkest secret.


1. That Fateful Day



I don't know if I'm entering 'Blood Siblings' into the 'Salvage' competition...I can try, but I doubt I would ever win.

Anyway, enjoy this new story if you enjoy werewolves stories, I think you'll love my idea of story too. I'm not getting confident, just saying... ( >_- ) ~*

So, enjoy your time with 'Blood Siblings'!




R    E    :

Iris had a hard time making her way through the crowd without standing out too much. She lowered her head, mumbling 'sorry' at every person whose bodies she collided with, and much to her extreme annoyance, squeezed her way through the sweaty bodies that had stopped her from getting to her locker. She mentally cursed the crowd gathering at the school hall that was getting bigger and bigger at times.

She knew she could not possibly blame those people. It was the last period, and everyone was meeting up their friends for some fun gatherings or film-watching she knew she would never had the chance to go to. Sighing with relief after rummaging through the sweaty crowd, she opened her locker and dumped her Math textbooks into it, slamming it shut after retrieving her phone and her bag. She pushed her phone into the pocket of her skinny jeans and slung her bag over her shoulder, all ready to go home.

However, as she turned around, her eyes met a set of broad chest. Her eyes trailed up to see a face with two dark eyes and a broad smile, jet black hair covering the forehead. Her eyebrows knitted in confusion, as she realized who this might be. His smile was somehow predatory and his hands was placed on either side of her head, on her locker.

"Hey, baby, what's up?" he said, a smile still broad on his face. The confusion vanished from her face as realization hit her. Of course, this is James Hudson, the school most popular player, why else would he come looking for me? Iris thought, and mentally shook her head. 

"Hey, Castaway, I was thinking..." he started, but Iris quickly shut him off with her right hand raising in front of her face, which was the small space between them, and gently pushed him off by the chest. She stepped from her locker, eyes glaring up at him.

"I'm sorry, Hudson, kind of busy today, you wouldn't mind, right?" she said with a fake smile plastered on her face, but as soon as it appeared, it vanished, with that she again, made her way through the crowd, towards the exit on the other end of the hall. She didn't need another pair of eyes on her back to know that James Hudson was hot on her tail. Knowing that increasing her pace wouldn't help either, she stopped at the exit, turned around and faced him.

And again she used her signature glare, and stared him in the eyes. "Look, Hudson, why are you following me?" she hissed, despite the fact that they were inches apart, her annoyance and tiredness was more than anything that occupied her mind and body right now. High school wasn't her place, she just wanted to go home, to where she belonged.

"I just wanted to talk," he raised and eyebrow at her, and as if the annoyance in her voice was not clear enough, he shrugged like it was not a big deal. Iris scoffed, knowing what was exactly on his mind.

"And why is that, that you actually wanted to talk to me?" Iris eyes narrowed once more, which, much to her frustration, sent James Hudson laughing like a maniac. She looked around, noticing people were staring at them, both curious and confused. Her eyes trailed back to James' smug smile.

"Well if you don't have a reason, I can give you one," she scowled, her fists clenching, "You've banged on all of those silly girls that were chasing after you in the school, and if that was not enough, you decided to bang on someone you had never tried on before! Am I right, James Hudson?"

She got her by surprised, she supposed, by the look on his face, and she took the opportunity to turn around and walk to her car, which was in the school parking lot. She clicked open the car door, and slid in, activated her car and drove off.

She didn't think she was overreacting. She had faced this kind of situation thousands of times since her body started to develop into a woman, she had tried talking nice a few times, but it was clearly effortless, since all those men's eyes were practically glued to her body. She laid her head down on the controller wheel in frustration as she halted her car in front of the traffic light that was red at the moment.

She wondered if she could change anything about her appearance. Her hair was the color of bright blonde, so light that it may be white. Her eyes were deep blue, like the color of deep ocean that would swallow anything at sight, and her full lips were cherry red, which any male creature would like to pounce on, or so she was told by her mother. Her father said she was beautiful, but never explain it further in details, and how she loved her when he was just being ignorant to topics like that. She wish every boys at school was like her father. She was glad in was the last day of school, and she was turning eighteen in a few months, a few months later than James Hudson.

She smiled as the traffic light turned green, she could already imagine what was in store for her in her house, her parents, her pet dog Lucky, and a table of her favorite food.


Ivan groaned in despair as the beeping continued, his eyelids fluttered opened with a scowl on his face. Ignoring the angry stares, he flipped his cotton cover offer him once more and glued his eyelids together again. He mumbled curses under his breath, trying hard not to loose his temper and knock off the beeping alarm clock in Jack's hands. Finally, he decided it was impossible to sleep with all the beeping noise and gave up. He flipped the cover open and sat up in his bed, eyes staring at his two smirking best friends.

"Come on, dude, gotta wake up," Jack said, holding back a laugh that clearly didn't need to be held back, since it was pretty damn obvious. It was Uriah who cracked, bursting out laughing so loudly it sounded like a wolf's howl. Ivan rolled his eyes, wondering how more ridiculous his two friends can get.

"You guys really had a great time annoying me, huh?" Ivan said simply as he got up from his bed, taken the towel that was hung on the arm of his chair and walked into his bathroom without even bothering locking the door. As much as he wanted to admit that he wanted to punch the smug looks out of his two best friends' face, he was not in the mood when he was still half asleep.

"Besides, it's your first day of training," Jack said, leaning on the frame of Ivan's bathroom door as he was brushing his teeth, "We all did it already, it's time for you."

The village had a strange culture of training people, boys or girls, before they turned eighteen. Ivan's was in a few months, and he was supposed to start it today. He thought it was really cool to finally to join the group of person whom the villagers called, Guardians. But they usually called them 'the pack'. He grinned at the thought of it, and carefully rinsed his chin as he washed his face.

Saying that he had gone through millions of drills for this moment was a understatement. His grandfather had been preparing for this day to come since Ivan was only five. He went through treacherous training, and as he grew up into a teenager, he became a man at the same time. Girls were practically out for him, and he immediately became the attention of the pack. His grandfather held his hopes up high for him, saying something about making his parents proud in heaven. Even with all the attention, he still felt like he was loosing something.

His parents, that was what he had lost. The two had passed away on their trip to the city, killed on the way home, what was referred as an accident. He hadn't seen them, but when he saw his friends having special bonding with their parents, envy invaded him. He couldn't help to notice that things would have been different if his parents were still around.

Luckily, his grandfather was like a father to him, teaching him all the things that he needed to know, encouraging him when things felt like hell. His grandmother was a sweetheart, offered him bakery every now and then, and he wasn't ashamed to admit that she tucked him in at night sometimes. He did not have any siblings, but being together with Jack and Uriah was like being together with a bunch of annoying brothers, and they always kept him company, whether good or bad times.

This is it, my life, and I couldn't feel better. I wouldn't want to change anything, or anyone about it, he thought as he made his way to the edge of the field, watching the members of the pack doing their drills. The field was a big, empty piece of grassland, spreading across the land in front of the darkest part of the forest, and nobody cared to cut the grass that was sprouting out of the soil recklessly until they were reaching the height of a small toddler. The pack did drills every morning here, heavy drills. They were used to having people gawking at them at the edge of the field, especially teenage girls, which was an understatement, since all the male members of the pack had great muscles and didn't bother to have a shirt on.

"I thought your drill was in the afternoon," a deep voice sounded behind Ivan, and he turned with a smile on his face. His eyes met a man around his middle age, his eyes crinkled, the sign of him aging, as he smiled warmly at Ivan.

"Well, I decided to take a look first before I get through your tortures, Keenan," Ivan said jokingly, and Keenan threw his head back and laughed. A deep, croaked and powerful sound that echoed through the field, startling all the members on drill, even the most ignorant female members. But they carried on after realizing who Keenan was talking to.

"I wouldn't consider it tortures, son," he said after calming down his laughter, "I'll rather call it inferno," he added later after.

"Oh," Ivan gave no comebacks, because he knew Keenan too well. If he gave comebacks, Keenan would come up with another comeback, and if it didn't work on Ivan, he'll threatened Ivan with the help of his grandfather. But Ivan was a little doubtful, since his grandfather was busy going to the city these days.

"What, no comebacks?" Keenan asked, amusement filled his voice and something was twinkling in his eyes.

"Nah, I know you all too and my grandpa, yuck, it means trouble," Ivan said with disgust and again Keenan's laughter filled the air, soon after Ivan was joining him.

Keenan was an old family friend, the supposed best friend of his father. He heard from his grandfather that Keenan and his father were great partners of crimes, but when their at his father's house, Keenan would be a betrayer and became the master of pranks with grandfather, which means trouble for Ivan's father, since their fastest target was him.

Now Keenan was the leader of the pack, and he has any say in the village. Every decision was practically made by him, which is a good thing, for he always cares for the benefits of the villagers and the pack. As a child, Ivan looked up to him as a hero, until now, he looked up to him as a person he wished to be. A leader with great responsibility and leadership.

Ivan jumped a little as a drop of water landed in his eyes. He looked up and reached his hand out, catching a few more drops in his palms, and soon on his shoulders, his hair, and his shirt. The raindrops kept getting stronger, hitting him.

"It's raining," Ivan said with a frown.

"This means no good," Keenan said, his expression serious, "I wished this only lasted a few hours in the morning, it was no good for you to train under the rain before your birthday."

"Why is that? I mean, they can train in the rain," Ivan said with a deeper frown, his chin lifted at the direction of the member that were still on drill in the field.

"It's a tradition, it's best if you did not train in the rain," Keenan said, his expression remained as he pushed Ivan under the shed, just before the sky started pouring down heavy rains. "I'm sorry, son. You may have to sit here to wait for the rain to stop. I have to catch up with Old Jenna." Keenan said before he rushed into the pouring rain.

Old Jenna? That old ancient phychic in the village? Ivan thought and shook his head. Even though he wasn't into those fantasy things, but he was pretty convinced by Old Jenna's phychic abilities. If anyone of those villagers had predicted the coming of disaster, it must be Old Jenna. There was villagers visiting her everyday to seek for some advice, but he didn't think that Keenan would be one of them.

He turned his attention back to the rain. It was pouring heavier and heavier, with no intention of stopping.


By the time Iris got home, raindrops were already blurring the windshield of her car. With success, she pulled her car on the shaded front porch, and soon the engine died down. She got out of the car after grabbing her bag, and slammed the car door shut. She sauntered to the front door of the house whistling and spotted a white fluffy being lying on the carpet lazily.

"Hello, Lucky, waiting for mummy to come home huh?" Iris got on her knees and ruffled the husky's fluffy fur. Lucky lifted its chin up high and its eyes twinkled at the sight of Iris. It got on its feet and barked a greeting. Iris laughed as she got up, pulling out her keys to unlock the door of her house, but before she could ever do that, her phone rang, vibrating in her pocket furiously. She hastily drew out her phone and not bothering to look at the caller ID, she picked up the call.

"Hello? Is this Iris Castaway?" a feminine voice rang out of her phone speaker. She cringed a little, and turned down the in-call volume of her phone.

"Yes, may I help you?" Iris said, she turned her back on the door and her eyes scanned across the lawn for any sign of her parents' car. The rain was still heavily pouring and there may be a thick fog coming around after the rain.

"This is the St. Mary Hospital," the feminine voice said again, and this time Iris paid attention to what the lady has to say. 

"Hospital?" Iris' body went cold, and a chill ran its way down to her spine. She had a feeling that this conversation wasn't going anywhere good.

"Yes, Miss Castaway," for the first time, Iris realized that the lady's voice was apologetic.

No, this can't be, no. Iris thought, her eyes closed. Maybe her parents had some meetings today. She remember having her parents told her that they had a meeting and needed to come home late. They were busy lawyers, after all.

But Iris held her breath as she waited for the lady to go on.

"I'm sorry, honey, but your parents passed away."


Iris held her breath as she followed the nurse into the room. The hospital smelt of heavy medicine, and the scent always made its way down to her throat and into her lungs, burning them. She remembered telling her parents that she hates hospitals, because everything was so white without any colors, and it has a disgusting smell that made her thought of poison, and she swear never to come again.

But today she didn't care. She didn't mind the white, colorless concrete ceilings and walls staring down at her, nor the disgusting smell of iodine burning her lungs like fire. No. Her focus was on one thing and one thing only.

She watched, standing in front of two beds, each of them had a big bump under their white sheet covers that formed a shape of a person. She watched as the nurses flipped the covers opened and revealed two familiar faces, both of them white, pale, almost colorless, except for the blood staining their cheeks and lips. She stared at those two faces, until tears welled up her eyes and blurred her vision, and she crumbled, crumbled to the floor in despair and weep.

The room was silent except for the sound of her sobs. One of the nurses crouched down to her and held her up to walk her to the door. She wrenched herself out of her grip and held on to her mother's limp, lifeless body. Her skin felt cold against her touch and she tried to warm them, tried to make them warm like they used to be when she hugged her. She stared across her mother's bed to her father's, her arm reached out to touch him. She wanted him to hugged her in his strong muscular arms and tell her her will protect her forever, call her by her nicknames and tease her.

Her hands were wrenched away from them and soon darkness swallowed her weakened, limp, body.


The rain went on and on, and there was no way for Ivan to go for training.

It was already ate at night, and he was pacing the floor with his hands tucking neatly behind him. The rain seemed to have no means to stop, and worse yet, his grandfather had gone off to the city for some unknown business.

"Seriously, didn't that old man know that it was dangerous to drive on a rainy day?" he mumbled to himself.

"Stop mumbling to yourself and pacing the floor, my dear, you're starting to look like your grandfather," his grandmother smiled warmly at him. He started to restrain himself from all the pacing and sat down instead.

"Distract me, granny, I'm gonna be dead of waiting if that old man doesn't come back in a few minutes time! I swear I'll..." Ivan stopped abruptly, smiling sheepishly at his grandmother.

"Well, if you said so..." his grandmother smiled, defeated by his childish behavior. He and his father was so alike.

"How about I tell you the legend of Kasaki, our ancestor?" 

"Sounds great to me," Ivan nodded, as the past came rushing back to him like a splash of cool sea water. He remembered himself, sitting by the wooden floor of a lousy hut he considered his second home, listening to the teacher talking about the almighty ancestor like she was telling a story while his two idiot friends sat behind him arm wrestling. The teacher involved him in the arm wrestling lately and gave the three of them a heavy punishment.

Sometimes, he just wanted to knock the air out of them.

"Kasaki was said to be once living on a moon, and he was one of the Moon King's greatest man," his grandmother started, stopping for a while, ducking her head as if trying to remember the story, but Ivan realized that she was actually mumbling in prayer.

"The King loved him, both as a friend and also as a brother, however, it is this fondness that had led Kasaki his destruction on the moon.

"The King had an older brother, the one who was said, was suppose to be King. But the previous king saw the darkness in his heart, the desire to kill, and the stone cold heart that was inside him, he chose his younger brother to be king instead.

"Now the older brother was very jealous of the brother gaining his throne, and he was frustrated when he found out that the King had made his best friend his apprentice instead of him. And so he wanted to find a way to destroy Kasaki and the King, once and for all.

"The brother has a secret lover called Aminah. He already had a wife, but he felt an attraction towards Aminah on a celebration one night, and they had been together secretly ever since. He loved her dearly, but his heart of vengeance was greater than his love, and when he saw the King staring lovingly at Aminah one night, he knew he had his chance.

"He sent Aminah away to the King, and knowing that Kasaki had always had his eyes on Aminah, he sent her to seduce him too. Soon the two was caught up in a love affair, and when the King found out, he was furious.

"The King sent Kasaki away to earth, casting him forever away from the moon. And on the earth, Kasaki took the form of a shape-shifter, and the only animal he could shift into was a wolf. Every once a full moon, he would shift into a wolf, glancing up at the sky, howling into the air, grieving the lost of his dear friend."

Ivan sat there quietly, thinking about how the story had developed, how it had ended, when suddenly, there was a clicking sound of the door opening, and the sound of heavy boots pacing on the wooden floor.

The door burst open, and a tall and sturdy figure appeared to the two of them.

"Grandpa you are late!" Ivan said playfully at the tall sturdy figure. But the look on his face made him restrain himself from all the jokes. His grandfather's eyes were on his grandmother.

"What's wrong, Gregory?" his grandmother asked, concerned was evident in her voice.

"I found her, Kiara," his grandfather said.

"Who, Gregory?" 

His grandfather's eyes settled on Ivan. His face was grey with extreme exhaustion.

A shadow was standing behind his grandfather's body, and he reached around to take a better look.

His mouth was agape when he took in the sight of the complete stranger in front of him.

In front of him was his spitting image, silver eyes, rosy cheeks and all, but she was the female version of him.

"Meet Iris, Ivan," his grandfathers eyed him carefully as he spoke.

Ivan waited for him to finish.

"She is your sister." 

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