Lost Cause

17 year old, Lauren Branning, is falling off the rails with her severe drinking problem. Maybe there's some light at the end of that tunnel when she meet Justin Bieber who is determined to save her.

Will it work?


3. We Good?

"Wakey, wakey. Rise and shine!" I heard my Dad's sarcastic cheery voice as he pulled opened the curtains.

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up from the sofa noticing that Justin was stood in the doorway holding his things.

"Just put them over there, Justin. I'll get Tanya to set you up the spare room." Dad smiled as I moved the blankets and stood up.

"What? Spare room?" I questioned as they both stared at me. "You cannot be serious! Why?!"

"He's got nowhere else, Lauren. I found him asleep in the office. Besides, you're mates right, I didn't think you'd mind." Dad replied, quickly.

"Well I do mind, I'm not his mate." I used my hands to form air quotes around the word mate.

"Lauren, What's done is done... He's staying and that's final!" Dad shouted as I just grabbed my blanket and moved towards the stair case."Um, no. You can help Justin put his things into the spare room."

"Why can't you do it? You want him here so badly."

"Because I need to get back to the Car Lot."

"No, it's alright. I think I can manage putting a few bags into a room. I'll be down as soon as I'm done." I heard Justin say as I ran upstairs.


I remained in my bed with the blankets tightly wrapped around me as I had my headphones in with the music up loud, listening to Demi Lovato. I find things a lot easier when I listen to her songs, some of them seriously describe what I'm going through.

I felt a hand grab onto my shoulder as I jumped in fright and removed the headphones. "What?!"

"I wanted to talk. I kinda thought we needed to clear the air, if I was going to be staying here..." He spoke quietly as I turned my music off and sat up.


"What happened? I mean the other night, you seemed so happy when we met, and then now you despise me... what's changed, Lauren?" He questioned me, sitting on the bottom of my bed.

"Nothing, I just don't like the fact that you've come here and now you're probably going to take Kylie away from me, we've been best friends since we were little." I looked down.

"Lauren, I promise I won't take Kylie away from you. She seems like an amazing girl, I promise I'll treat your best friend right." Justin smiled at me.


                                               "So we good?" I looked at him and nodded.

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