Lost Cause

17 year old, Lauren Branning, is falling off the rails with her severe drinking problem. Maybe there's some light at the end of that tunnel when she meet Justin Bieber who is determined to save her.

Will it work?


2. He's Trouble

I woke up the next morning and walked downstairs with my Mum following me like a lost puppy. Honestly, all I wanted was a glass of water but I couldn't seem to escape her endless lectures this morning.

"Lauren, Do you even remember when happened last night?" She stared at me as I filled up a glass. "Why were you so smashed?!"

"Because it's what I do, alright? It's what I do. I can't help it and I can't stop it. Just leave me alone, alright." I shouted before running back upstairs with my water.

 "You can't run away from this, Lauren!" She shouted up the staircase after me.

"Watch me!" I retorted, slamming my bedroom door.

I don't know why I got drunk. I really wish I knew and I wish I could stop it. I know what people think of me and the amount I drink but I'm really past caring these days.


I walked into the cafe and over to the table where I saw my best friends, Kylie and Demi sat down.

"Lauren." Demi looked up with a smile on her face as if she had something to tell me.

"You're so lucky!" Kylie smiled leaning in too.

"Lucky?" I echoed in response.

"That new guy, working at your Dad's Car Lot... I bet you see a lot of him." Demi nudged my arm.

"What? No, No I don't. I didn't even know my Dad hired anyone." I tried playing dumb as he walked into the cafe.

"Hey." Kylie piped up in his direction as he slowly turned around.

"Hi." He smiled looking at Kylie and then he quickly glanced at me.

"I want him." Kylie mouthed those words in my direction as he eyed him up as he ordered a coffee.

"That's how all the Jenners get their men." Demi and I giggled.

"So, what's your name?" Kylie quickly got up and moved over to him.

"You cannot be serious." I whispered to Demi.

"What?" She asked back.

"He's only been on the square five minutes and she's already trying to get in his pants."

"Justin Bieber, and you?" He turned to her with a gorgeous smile on his face.

"Kylie Jenner, but you can call me whatever you want." Kylie smirked.

"Right, I'm out." I quickly stood up.

"Where are you going?" Kylie turned around as did Justin.

He stared at me for a moment and I stared back and then looked down.

"Home." I remained strong and flashed Kylie a smile.

"But-" She began.

"Have fun, alright?" I let out a deep breath and then walked out of the cafe.


I sat in front of the TV with a blanket from my room and a bottle of wine on the coffee table. I just stared at it wondering if I should drink it or not.  I was interrupted with my thoughts as Demi came in through the back door.

"Lauren..." She sighed moving the bottle from the table and putting it in the cupboard. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I looked up with a smile.

"How's the two love birds." That sentence killed me.

"I don't know. They left me alone in the cafe, one minute they were there and the next they were giggling and running out together."

"Wow, she's already got into his pants then." I sighed.

"Lauren, can I ask a question?" Demi looked at me as I nodded. "What's going on with you and Justin, I could tell you were lying earlier when you said you knew absolutely nothing about him. We've been friends since we were children, I can tell when you're lying babe."

"I met him the other night, I was drunk... And we talked. I know it seems crazy but he seemed so understanding that night, I loved talking to him. I kinda hoped that he'd like me, but he clearly doesn't."

"You never know, he might be completely different to what you expected. My first impression of him, is that he's nothing but a player."

"I guess..." I sighed.

"Lauren, He's trouble." Demi looked at me sternly.

"Yeah, but so am I."  

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