Poetry is a way to express your feelings in a string of beautiful words. Here's my try at it.


3. When angels descend

I hear angels have wings,
I hear angels are mysterious things.
I hear angels are from trees of heaven,
I hear angels shine bright in the sky.

I hear angels don't come in sight,
I hear angels are daughters of god.
I hear angels are beautiful,
I hear angels walk gracefully.

I hear angels ride unicorns,
I hear angels are always right.
I hear angels have the might to change the world,
I hear angels are a beacon of light in this world.

Have you opened your eyes?
Have you seen your neighbour?
Have you opened your heart?
Have you seen the world?

The angels are beside you,
The angels have descended the earth.
Open your eyes and you'll know that,
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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