Let's Runaway [Complete-Short Story]

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  • Published: 19 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mara Hope is different then most people. All she does is runaway. One day when she gets angry and annoyed from all the arguing her parents cause, she runs away only to land in the hospital. Three hours later she awakes to see the big terrifying green eyes of her parents and she knows if she doesn't escape she will be abused...again. She runs out of the hospital and into the rain. She soon comes across, One Direction, a band she barely knew existed. Will they be able to transform this terrified 11 year old or will she remain in the shadows of darkness? [Short Story] © 2014-Idle_Hours


8. Passing Away

Liam's POV:

I should be the one that is in a white, sterile room, in a hospital. Not Mara Hope. She saved my life and well, almost lost hers. Let me tell you what happened...

A gun was pointed at my head, and I feared that I would die. I felt very, very uncomfortable. When the boys slightly opened their mouths, I thought for sure they'd save me. But all too soon, they closed their mouths.

I was completely confused. Did they want me to die? Why aren't they saving me? I thought of everything I'd ever done to them that could end up in revenge, but before I knew it the guy loosened his grasp and I slipped through.

I turned around and witnessed the trigger being pulled as Mara's father fell to the ground, and the bullet hurtling into Mara's side.

All five of us ran to her as she fell downward. Her face was pale and her eyes were closed. Zayn got out his phone and dialed the police and ambulance. Blood was pouring out of her side so Louis and Harry went to get rags to hold on to the wound, so we could clean up the blood.

Just then the front door burst open and standing there was Mandy, Niall's girlfriend, and Alison, my girlfriend. They took one look around the room and then ran up to me and Niall.

Then Mandy and Alison screamed, "That's that little girl, Mara!"

How they knew who she was I was unsure. Soon the ambulance came, along with the police. Her parents were arrested, and she was taken to the hospital. All seven of us followed. Alison and I rode on the back of the ambulance, and here we are now.

We waited and waited and waited. And waited and waited and waited. All of a sudden, a doctor came into the waiting room and called the name Mara Hope. This was it. This is the person we've been waiting for.

"I've got some mixed news for you all. Mara awoke about an hour ago...", I smiled as he said that, but he did not,"...and we treated her. Unfortunately about 13 minutes ago, she was having trouble breathing and her heart was stopping. Although the bullet had been removed, she still seemed affected. At the time we were going to bring you in, but then her heart stopped completely. I'm sorry to say this but Mara Hope has passed. There are a couple of things she left for you all on the table in her room. If you'd like you could say goodbye."

I didn't know what to say. I'd known this girl for what? A night perhaps? But something about her touched me, and I'm unaware of what that is. I felt like punching the wall. She saved my life, but I couldn't return the favor. All these thoughts rushed in my head.

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