Let's Runaway [Complete-Short Story]

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  • Published: 19 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mara Hope is different then most people. All she does is runaway. One day when she gets angry and annoyed from all the arguing her parents cause, she runs away only to land in the hospital. Three hours later she awakes to see the big terrifying green eyes of her parents and she knows if she doesn't escape she will be abused...again. She runs out of the hospital and into the rain. She soon comes across, One Direction, a band she barely knew existed. Will they be able to transform this terrified 11 year old or will she remain in the shadows of darkness? [Short Story] © 2014-Idle_Hours


6. I apologize

It isn't easy to form words with others, especially when you've been sheltered from that your whole life. Coming into this apology was a lot harder but for communication inexperience purposes instead of guilt or unhappiness.

I gathered my courage once we started our "small talk". I said hello! Inside I was just jumping for joy!

I was facing the five boys in front of me. I started to finish my apology.

"Okay, so I am Mara Hope. My last name may be Hope, yet I am as hopeless as you could find. I am originally from California, U.S.A. I moved here about two months ago. I have vicious parents and I was running away from them, but I bumped into one of you. I thought for sure I was a goner, so when I woke up and had mini encounters with complete strangers, I may have over reacted. So for that I apologize. I don't need pity, and I don't need love. I will never receive those things because to exceed my wishes you'd have to aim high. I don't belong here. I'm dumb. I've never been outside of my house, except the one time I was on a plane. I've been sheltered my whole life and I can't stay here. They'll find me and hunt me down. And then for sure, I'll be dead." I took a deep breath.

The others just looked at me with concern."Are you okay?" The curly haired one asked. "Do you honestly think I'm okay?" I asked with a bit of attitude.

All of a sudden I started shaking uncontrollably. They are near! I know it! "They are near. Please don't blow my cover." I whispered.

They nodded and then the doorbell rang. Ding Dong Ding Dong!

-Author's Note-

Hey! Sorry about the short chapter! :) I'll try to update again soon! Please comment, like, or favorite! I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Luv ya all!<3


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