Let's Runaway [Complete-Short Story]

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  • Published: 19 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
Mara Hope is different then most people. All she does is runaway. One day when she gets angry and annoyed from all the arguing her parents cause, she runs away only to land in the hospital. Three hours later she awakes to see the big terrifying green eyes of her parents and she knows if she doesn't escape she will be abused...again. She runs out of the hospital and into the rain. She soon comes across, One Direction, a band she barely knew existed. Will they be able to transform this terrified 11 year old or will she remain in the shadows of darkness? [Short Story] © 2014-Idle_Hours


3. Crash!

Mara's POV:


The minute the door slammed, I took a deep breath. I immediately started walking as fast as my little legs could.

'Where to?' was the question I kept on asking myself. Now, I have absolutely no money, food, or shelter and it is nighttime. What I should really be worried about is my safety, but I need to figure out where I am going, first.

After thinking about it for another 15 minutes, I decided I should go to the local neighborhood park. One problem I had is, where is the park? I thought to myself about all those things when an idea came to mind. All I have to do is continue walking and I remember my parents once talking about a little shop on the corner and if you cross the street and walk all the way down, while following the bright neon yellow signs, you could find it.

That little shop is my only hope, considering nobody is driving tonight and I can't ask them directions to the park.

I went on the lookout for the neon yellow sign and ten minutes later, I spotted it. There was no way I could have missed that! Now all I have to do is cross the street and follow the signs.

I looked across the street and started walking down it. I had just about reached the end when I felt pain overtake my body and I fell to the ground. I heard someone shouting and then a woman came up to me and asked me what my name was. I used all my strength to say, "Mara Hope", and then darkness came upon me.


Mandy 's POV


Alison and I were driving down the street, while listening to the music playing in my car, when all of a sudden we heard a thud.

"We hit something!" I yelled at her. "No, YOU hit something"she yelled back. She hastily made her way out of the car and checked what we hit. I heard her speaking to herself and I watched her walk back to my car. The look of horror plastered on her face had me worried.

"Call 911! Now! Or you have to drive like a mad man to get to the hospital!" she said to me. "Why?" "Because you hit a little girl!" she yelled at me.

Oh no! This can't be happening to me! I opened my door and ran to the front of the car. There she was! I picked her up quickly and put her in the back seat and drove to the hospital. When they asked for information all we knew was her name, Mara Hope.

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