Story Of My Life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 14.year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal life's again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after he dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends?Will one remember who she fell in love with?Will one finally leave the hospital?


5. Our Other Friends

Rachel's P.O.V:

After Rebecca and Harry left for their date Nash pulled my beanie down over my face so i couldn't see. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Its a surprise!" He said. He interwinded our hand together. I could literally feel Shane's eyes burning into the back of my head. He lead me to his truck and i climbed in carefully. After a bit of driving and listening to music we came to a stop. Nash helped me out and we walked a little bit. "You can open your eyes now." Nash said excitedly.

I pulled up my beanie. We were in the middle of a big, grassy, field with a bunch of flowers everywhere."It's beautiful Nash!" I said almost in tears.I hugged him and he layed down the blanket for us to sit on.Nash pulled out our sandwiches from the picnic basket and water.We ate the we lied down on the blanket staring at the sky and talking for awhile.I got to know a lot about Nash but I felt like he was keeping something from me.The day went by and it was time for me to go home.


~Skip Car Ride~


We arrived at my house and before I left Nash he kissed cheek,"Night love" he said in his best Harry Styles impression, which made me giggle.I walked into house and realized Mom was the only one home,so Rebecca must still be on her date with Harry.I told my Mom because she must have seen me blushing, i'm bad at hiding it.She made soup and Shawn walk in right when it is finished cooking.

"Ohh,FOOD!!!"he screamed and took a bowl out the dish washer and pours soup in it.He finishes it within seconds.

"Hungry much?" I asked sarcastically.He smirked and went into the room with the piano.My Mom and I start to talk more, when Rebecca walks in all smiley.

Rebecca came through the door shortly after and was all happy because of her date with Harry, they made a cute couple it would be nice if Shawn wasn't over protective.

I did't even noticed that Rebecca left when the room till i heard screaming coming from the piano room.Before Mom and I had a chance to see what was going on Rebecca ran past us and out the door.My mom chased after her i went back into the piano room,"What the Hell was that about Shawn?" I screamed asked.

"I told her the same that I've been trying to get through your guys's head!"He screamed.My mom was out of the house so it was just me and him.

"Well Harry isn't a bad bad person and neither is Nash, they care about us and they would do anything for us!!AAAAAAA!!!!Why can't just be happy for us."

"You too are still getting use to a normal life, you dont really get any of this and if you rush in to much you're just going to get hurt."He now said in a whisper."I don't want to loose you guys again." He was now tearing up.

"Well i Can promise you this I'll make sure nothing will happen, you won't loose us."I said hugging him.That's when he ended up crying in my arms.I never really thought of how hard the separation was on him, he lost two of his best friends.Mom came back and that's when i got a text from Rebecca saying she was at Harry's and that she was fine.I brought mom into in the room ant told her what happened.

"I'm going to go to bed now."Shawn said peeking his head around the corner of the wall.

"Ok."I said.

"Umm I'm going to bring you to see the rest of the boys tomarrow and i hope Rebecca shows up."He said.

"She will."I said hugging him then walking into my room to go to bed,I texted Rebecca and told her no matter what she is still going with us to meet the rest of the boys and to have Harry drop her off early so that she could get ready to go.



I woke up to Shawn Shaking me,"Wake up we're going to be leaving soon."he said.

I dragged myself out of my bed and put in black leggings, a black tank top,and a shaded beanie.I also put on my black Jordan's that Shawn picked out for me.I walked into Rebecca's room to see her sitting on her bed putting on mascara.I told her about what happened after she left,"So no fighting and Nash is going to meet us there."I said.

"So is Harry."She said.

"Are you sure that's safe yet?"I asked.

"Why not?"she asked.

"Never mind lets just go."I said.We went down stairs where Shawn was waiting for us, then we headed out the door and to the car,Shawn was driving, I sat in the front,and Rebecca sat in the back.The car ride turned really silent,Rebecca had her headphones in and Shawn was just paying attention to the road.I decided to brake the silence,"So how many guys are we meeting?"

"5 and a couple girls."he said.

"Cool."I said.

"Just don't be surprised if there are a bunch of girls asking for autographs."He said.

"What, why?Did you join a boy band?"I mocked.

He just laughed and turned on the radio.


~Skip the rest of the car ride~


We parked the car and walked into the mall.Shawn suggest that we go walking around for the boys.We were walking around when we heard a bunch of girls screaming.There was a crowd by the food court and we seen a bunch of security guards."Found them."Shawn said grinning and pointing past the guards.Me and Rebecca gave each other questionable looks.Is this what Sahwn meant?We walked Through the crowd and a bunch of girls were touching Shawn.We stopped ,when Shawn was in front of a guard,"Hey Bart."He said.Then the guard let us through.We walked in and there were 5 boys,2 girls,Nash, and Harry.I run up to Nash and hug him and he hugs me back.Rebecca does the same with Harry.Everyone stares at Rebecca and Harry and Me and Nash."Everyone they are my sisters."Shawn said and explained the whole thing.

"I'm Taylor and this is my girlfriend Mariah."A brunette boy with brown eyes and a bandana on said.His girlfriends had blond hair and blue eyes,she smiled and waved.

"I'm Matt and this is my girlfriend, Adriana."A blond brown haired boy said.His girlfriend had brown hair with blond tips and brown eyes.

"Im Cameron."A boy in with crutches said.He looked like Taylor.

"I'm Carter."A boy with glasses and brown hair said.

"And I'm Aaron."He said he had brown hair and brown eyes.

"I'm Rachel and she's Rebecca."Rebecca waved.

"So why are there a bunch of screaming girls?"Rebecca asked.Everyone just stared at us until Taylor answered us,"We are popular on this vine app and we stated a Magcon thing so where our fans can meet us.Plus that's FUCKING Harry Styles."Me and Rebecca stared at Harry.

"I'm in a band called One Direction and we're big too."Harry said.

"Why didn't u tell me?"Rebecca asked.Harry just shruges his shoulders and everyone laughs.All of us ended up going to Urban Outfiters and Hot Topic.By time we all finished it was 6:00pm,so Harry and Nash decided to bring us to dinner.We say bye to everyone and head to Harry's truck.As we make it to Harry's truck and i swipe the keys from Harry before he got in.

"I'm driving and Rebecca is sitting in the front, you two in the back."I said and everyone laughed.I was driving down the road going way to fast and we were blasting music.

We took a sharp turn and there was a person in the road, i guess i was the only one to see him and then i swerved the the truck and we crashed straight into a tree, causing me and Rebecca going through the window because we weren't wearing seatbelts.I Blacked out with sirens in the back round.

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