Story Of My Life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 14.year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal life's again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after he dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends?Will one remember who she fell in love with?Will one finally leave the hospital?


13. Our Nightmares

Rachel's POV:

I couldn't comprehend anything I just read because at the moment I was having a panic attack,I was gasping for air,holding my knees causing Nash to scream to the others for help.

"You'll be ok,just breath.Please you have to stay with me."He said with tears running down his face "Look at me,focus on my face."

I collapsed into Nash's arms,I tried so hard to breath,but I couldn't I just stopped,looking over I see Taylor on the phone and Rebecca and Shawn by my side crying.I look up again at my boyfriend who loved me and I was gone.......


Nash's POV:

"No!"I screamed pulling her lifeless body closer to me"Please wake up."

"She doesn't have a pulse"Mahogony said.

The paramedics came through the front door that was already opened,"She's in good hands,I promise."a paramedic said to me trying to remove Rachel out of my grasp.

I wasn't immediate family so Shawn rode in the ambulance with Rachel.I was still in shook kneeling on their front steps.It wasn't until Taylor came and sat next to me to notice what had happened.I gazed at my friend with tears still in my eyes."Why"I cried to him,"why her?Why me?Why?"

"Everything will be ok Nash."Is all that he said.

"But what if it's not huh?"I practically scream at him.

He pats my back for me to stand up and says."Lets go to the hospital."

We gather everyone from inside the house and we take mine and Niall's cars to go to the hospital hence there being way to many people to transport in one car.

When we get to the hospital everyone is in the waiting room,including Shawn's mother,he must have called her when he first got here.It takes hours,but feels like years for the doctor to come tell us what happened.

"Mrs.Mendes?"The doctor asks and Mrs.Mendes stands up and walks over to him,"ahhh so your daughter is stable for now,she is in a mild coma,but not like the one from the crash,we expect her to wake up any minuet to an hour now.She's looking fine,see what happened was when a panic attack happens it can trigger a blockage and because of the accident that's what happened,it blocked the pathway from her lungs and to her hear,but it was a problem that could fix its own.She does have a breathing tube to help speed up that process though so be prepared to see that.I'll lead you to her room."

"What about her friends can they come too?"Mrs.Mendes asked looking my way.

"All I can allow is three people,there's you,you're son,and your other daughter ma'am."he said.

"But I'm her boyfriend,please you have to let me see her."tears sprung into my eyes again.

"I don't have to go I can wait."Rebecca said "I'm hungry anyways I'll go get food with everyone."

"I don't see why that would be a problem."The doctor smiled at me.

"Thank you Rebecca."I said giving her a long hug because I appreciated what she just did for me.

The doctor leads us to Rachel's room.I let Mrs.Mendes and Shawn go in first so where I don't get in their way since they're her family.Shawn and his mom stand one one side of her,so I go tot the other with the chair.I grab Rachel's and it's cold,I lift it up and kiss it so she knows I'm still here right by her side 24/7."I love you."I whisper into her hand "I love you today.I'll love you tomorrow.I'll love you always."I know that's a little cheesy,but every night before I would go to bed my mom would say that to me.I don't think it's enough so I stand up and give Rachel a kiss on her cheek.That's when I see it.Her eyes begin to flutter open.

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