Story Of My Life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 14.year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal life's again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after he dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends?Will one remember who she fell in love with?Will one finally leave the hospital?


4. Our New Life

*the next day*

I slowly opened my eyes as Rachel looked down at me. She startled me so I jumped a little. She started to giggle as she sat. "Our lives are coming together!" She said excitedly.

I looked over at her smiling and the memories of last night rushed through my head. I stood up locking arms with Rachel and we skipped down the stairs.

"What makes you two so happy?" Shawn asked as we sat down on the couch. We giggled not answering.

I felt someone wrap there arms around me from my back "guess who?" A deep husky voice exclaimed. I turned around and kissed Harry placing my hands around his neck. "Good morning" I said to him. As I looked next to me I also saw Rachel with her arms around Nash smiling widely. I turned back towards Harry and we locked lips again. Harry walked around the couch and sat down next to me pulling me onto his lap as I kept my arms around his neck. Nash did the same to Rachel as a very annoyed Shawn walked in scowling at both boys. "I didn't invite you guys here so you could spend time with my sisters." Harry shrugged and I kissed him to annoy Shawn.

Harry then whispered in my ear "would you like to go on a date with me later?" I nodded whispering Back to him "I would love to. What do you have in mind?"I asked. " if I told you it would ruin the surprise" he said to me. "What surprise?" Shawn looked at Harry questioningly. "If I told you it would ruin the surprise." He repeated. "Why don't you go get ready and we can head out?" He asked and I hopped off Harry's lap running up the stairs.


After I showered Rachel walked into my room and I got changed. We didn't mind getting changed in front of each other as we are twins. She sat down on my bed smiling. "What?" I asked her. "I also have plans, with Nash" she told me. I smiled, I was happy for her, our lives really are coming together.

I pulled on white washed skinny jeans and a floral flowing top. I added a black beanie as I sat down at the vanity mom bought me. I was so thankful for all she's done for us, but we never get to see her as she works so much.

Rachel went back into her room to get ready as I applied mascara. I added eyeliner and some light gloss to my lips as I walked to Rachel's room. She walked out after I Knocked on her and we headed down stairs.

As I walked into the living room I heard the guys talking. I stopped Rachel and we say in the doorway to here what they were saying. "I don't want you dating my sister. They have been hurt before and they never deserved the pain they went through." I heard Shawn say quietly. "I don't know what Harry will do, but I love Rachel and I will treat her right." Nash said as Rachel tightened her grip on my arm from excitement. "I won't hurt Rebecca, I would die if she were in any pain, I will protect her... Because I love her." I gasped as those words came out of his mouth. Harry said he loves me?

"Rebecca, Rachel?" Shawn said and I pulled Rachel further into the room. They all stared at us with wide eyes. "Did you here everything?" Harry asked. Rachel nodded as I looked anywhere but Harry's eyes.

Harry stood up "let's head out, shall we?" He put his hand out for me to take. I took my hand in his and intertwined our fingers as I gave Shawn a death glare. We walked out to his car and hopped in.

"So... Where are we going?" I asked "you'll see, it's a surprise" "I don't like surprises" I said grumpily. He put his hand on my leg and rubbed it trying to make me feel better. I smiled at him as I took his hand off my thigh and intertwined our fingers once more.


We were driving for about 10 minutes when We drove down Main Street and Harry parked his car along the many store fronts. He hopped out and walked around to my side of the car. He opened my car door and helped me out. I decided not to ask to many questions so we could enjoy our time together. We walked up to a small ice cream shop and walked in.

"What would you like?" He asked me as I viewed all the different ice cream flavored. "I think I will have just plain vanilla" I said to the lady behind the counter. She stood up and scooped some vanilla into a cup and handed it to me. "I'll have the same" Harry said and the lady behind the counter did the same for him. I pulled out my wallet but Harry put his hand up to stop me. "I can pay" he said with a giant smile. I climbed onto my tip toes and kissed his cheek. "Thank you" I said and Harry blushed.

We picked up our ice cream after he handed the lady some money and walked out of the small shop.

"Do you recognize where we are?" Harry asked cheekily. I looked around and realized we stood in the exact spot where about a week ago Harry knocked me down, helped me up and we met. "This is where we met" I said as I climbed onto my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek.


Throughout the rest of the day, me and Harry walked through the town and went window shopping. Harry Also bought me a beautiful silver necklace in the shape of a heart that I got an engraving of the words Harry in it. I smiled and blushed as I lifted my hair and he placed it around my neck. When he let it go and it fell around my neck I took it in my hand and smiled at him.


As Harry drove me back I let my mind wonder. I thought about us and how lucky I was to have a guy like him in my life. As we pulled up to my house, once again, Harry hopped out first and walked around the car to open my door for me.

Harry walked me to the door of the house as I continued to smile. We kissed one more time to say goodbye as he wrapped his arms around me. "Thank you for today" I said as Harry blushed. We said goodbye one more time and I walked into the house closed the door and leaned against it. I was welcomed by the smell of home made soup.

I walked into the kitchen and surely I found mom mixing some soup and Rachel sitting at the counter. I hugged them and sat down beside Rachel. "How was your day?" Mom said as Rachel nudged me. "Good, me and Harry got some ice Cream and walked around town." They nodded. I pulled out my necklace only reveling it to Rachel and she squealed, making mom curious. She walked over glancing at the small heart. "Who is Harry?" She questioned me. "My boyfriend" I said quietly. "Why don't I ever know about these things?" She said. "You know about Nash and Rachel right?" I asked her. She nodded "that's the one thing I do know. She told me all about their little picknick earlier." I smiled happy for Rachel. "They are very nice boys, they are over here all the time with Shawn." I was happy someone was happy for us.

As we talked some more I heard the faintest singing coming from the other room. "I'll be right back" I said and stood up walking down the hallway.

I came to a small room and found Shawn sitting at a piano singing what I believe was a song called classic. I walked over and sat down next to him. He noticed me sit down but he didn't stop singing.

After he finished he turned to me "do you still sing? He asked. "No, I don't like singing about other peoples happiness and depression. I like to express how I feel through other things." I stated and Shawn nodded.

"How was your day?" He asked me out of the blue. "Good" I simply said. "Have fun with Harry?" He asked as I was surprised he was so curious. "Yeah I did, we got ice cream and went window shopping." I said as he seemed unconvinced. He stared at my neck and I realized he was staring at the words Harry. "I like your necklace, where did you get it?" He asked. "From who?" "Harry" I said. "I don't want you dating him." He said to me after waiting a minute. "Why can't you just understand I am happy with him, and we love Each other!" I yelled at him. "He doesn't love you! He is using you, and when he is done he will dump you!" He screamed at me as mom and Rachel appeared at the door way.

I stood up and I ran past them and to the front of the house where I flung the door open and ran far away. I heard my name being called behind but I ignored it and kept running. I ran until I couldn't anymore and fell down hugging my knees.

I sat like that for what felt like forever when I saw a red car pull up in front of me. It stopped and a man who looked around 19 stepped out. He had brown hair and eyes and was wearing a stripped shirt with bright pants. He stepped in front of me and put his hand out to help me up. I ignored it and he sighed sitting down next to me. I recognized him as one of Shawn's friends, I believe his name was Louis

"What's wrong?" He asked as he put his hand under my chin and lifted up my head so we were face to face. "My brother just doesn't understand that I am old enough to make my own decisions." He nodded wiping a tear from my face. We locked eyes for a moment as Louis stared at me catching quick glimpses of my lips. I knew what we were doing and wanted to stop him but before I knew it he placed his soft lips on mine.

What was i going to tell Harry? Maybe i shouldn't tell him, it would be easier. I was the one to pull back when he nodded and stood up. This time i took his hand and he helped me up. "Need a ride?" He asked as he opened the passenger door. "I don't know where I would go" I said blankly. He nodded glancing at my neck. "I like that, what's it say?" He asked as I didn't reply.

He picked it up and read it in the light of the moon. "Harry" he read out load. He instantly fell silent as a look of panic ran through him. How could he not have known, he saw us at the party together.

"I'm so sorry, I had no idea" he said quietly. Again I didn't answer. "I'll take you to Harry's. I nodded hopping in the car.


During the car ride I thought about what mom and Rachel were thinking. I didn't want them to panic so I texted Rachel telling her I was fine and that I was staying the night at Harry's, I also texted her to cover for me and I would explain everything later.


We pulled up to what I believe to be Harry's house and I hopped out thanking Louis before he drove away. I cowered up to the door scared of what Harry would think when he saw me.

I knocked on the door and moments later Harry stood in front of me gasping. "What happened?" He said shocked. I didn't answer him, I just hugged him. He lifted me up carried me inside and up to his room.

He carefully laid me down as he repeated his question. "Nothing to bad. I just got mad at Shawn and sort of ran away." "How did you get here, and find this place?" He asked "that's not important" I rushed. He nodded and held me close to him. As we laid down on his bed, He whispered in my ear "I love you more than anything in the world, and I promise I won't hurt you, but treat you right." I smiled at this "I love you to" I said as I nuzzled further into his chest. Eventually i drifted off to sleep in his arms, knowing I love him and he loves me.

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