Story Of My Life

Rachel and Rebecca Mendes grew up as almost normal 14.year old twins.They were just rejoined with their big brother Shawn Mendes,who were separated after their parents divorcee,and moved in with Shawn and their mom in North Carolina.Living normal life's again with perfect boyfriends and friends and family,just to have it taken away in a tragic accident that causes one to forget everything after he dad's death and leaving the other one her death bed.Will they be reunited with their family friends and boyfriends?Will one remember who she fell in love with?Will one finally leave the hospital?


3. Our First Date

Chapter Three:

Rachel's P.O.V:

I got a text from Nash saying, 'Hey I need to talk to you asap!!<3' He was so cute I looked over at Rebecca and told her I would be back in half an hour because Nash wanted to talk to me, also to stall for me because I didn't want Shawn to find out and fallow us. I ran outside and texted Nash and said to meet me down the road. I walked down the road and made sure that no one was behind me. I waited till I seen a black ram truck pull up besides me and it was Nash I hoped in the truck and we drove to his house witch wasn't far from here.

~skip car ride~

We pull up to his house and we walk in, it is a beautiful house and a big one too.We were greeted bye his family witch I was terrified too meet because me and Nash just meet ourselves not that long ago. We walked into the living room and sat down. "Rachel this is my family, this is Hayes, Will, my parents, and my little sister, Skylynn."Nash said. "Family this is Rachel." they all waved.

"Its very nice to meet you all." I said nervously. They replied the same and his parents went go cook dinner and his siblings stayed with us in the living room. "So how old are you Skylynn?'' I asked. His little sister was adorable.

"I'm 3!! Nash is swixteen, will is ninetween, and Hayes is thirteen!!" she said.

"Ohh, that's good how you know how old your brothers are. Did anyone tell you, you were cute?" I said. She nodded.

"Skylynn come pick up your toys hunny!" her mom called.

Will and Hayes went up to their rooms leaving me alone with Nash. "So what you wan to talk to me about?'' I asked.

"Well I wanted to know if you would go to the carnival with me tonight?" he asked.

"Of course! But I have to leave now im an hour late and Shawn will get mad." I said. He nodded and I said bye to everyone and Skylynn gave me a hug when I went to go leave. On the way back we were holding hands.

We got my house and he hugged me and said, "See you tonight at eight."

I ran inside, I ran past Shawn and up to Rebecca's room. "Eeeeeeeee!!!! I squealed.

"What, What happened?" she asked

"He asked me too go to the carn-" I was cut off bye Shawn

Shawn walked in almost hitting me with the door. "What?" he asked.

"Nash asked me to go to the Carnival tonight!" I said still excited. He didn't say anything and walked out of the room. I followed to go get ready. " Can I talk to you?" Shawn asked as I walked in my room seeing him sitting on my bed.

"Sure." I said.

"Well, im worried about you two. After what happened to you guys and dad, im scared someone will hurt you guys again and Harry is known to use a girl then leave her he never had a real relationship. Nash really never dated so im scared how it will turn out." He explained. I hugged him.

"I promise you i'll look out for Rebecca and myself ill make sure we wont get hurt again." I said crying. He walked out of my room and into his room. I fixed my makeup and put on a purple beanie. I went down stairs and out the door. Nash's truck came to the house and I hopped in, he was wearing a nice stripped shirt and tan pants.

~skip car ride~

We arrived at the carnival and we walked hand in hand to the ticket booth. We got our tickets and I made him bring me on the Ferris Wheel. We were waiting in line, when I seen Rebecca and Harry. I smiled and we waved to them. We climbed into the cart and then we lifted up so more people can come on, I got scared and squeezed Nash's arm. He smiled down at me. "You're safe with me." he said reassuringly. I hugged and layed my head into his chest and he rapped his arms around me. The Ferris Wheel ride was over before we knew it and Nash insisted that he win me a big stuffed animal. We went over to a basketball game thing and he Niall turned around with a huge bag full of cotton candy. He waved.

"Well I got to get back to Nash now." I said bye and left

When I got back to Nash I found him holding a blanket. He was smiling at me. "I got this so all of us could watch the fireworks." he said.

"Awwww, and all of us?"

"Ya I thought that Rebecca and Harry would like to join us, if its okay with you." he said

"Ya." I said we walked around and found Rebecca and Harry. We all headed to the field and we layed the blanket down and Nash and I layed together on the ground and I was cuddling with him. Rebecca and Harry did the same. The fireworks started to come and they were beautiful. "They are beautiful." I said.

"But not as beautiful as you." he said. I leaned up and kissed him. I felt safe in his arms and I didn't want to ever leave them or him. "I love you, Rachel." He said. Its kinda early for that but it felt right, we felt right.

"I love you too, Nash." I said and we kissed again.

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