Perfecf Two! <3


1. First Day <3

"Mom im off to school ill see you at 6pm because i have swimming class today." I said to my mom. "Okay sweetheart be careful now call me when you get to swimming class." "Okay mom i will." Me and my mom always get along but me and my dad not so much. Anyways i was off to school i had many of guy friends. Not so many girl friends they were all mean and fake. I rather not have drama in my life. What can i say my life is perfect how it is right now. I got in my car and was off to school im a junior & im 16. I have three siblings two brothers & a 10yr old sister. We kinda get along but we fight alot. Buts thats what brother and sisters do right? Anyways i arrived to school and the first person i saw was him. ~Flashback~ "Do you promise me the world?" "Yes my love,i promise you the galaxy as a matter a fact." "Harry, do you love me? Why are you with me?" "Sweetie do we have to go over this again? I love you with my heart soul body & mind my love. I would take a bullet for you if i have to. The moment i laid my eyes on you was love at first sight but more special and a moment i will cherish forever & always." "Forever & always babe?" "Yes forevers & always baby." ~end of flashback~ i walked away quickly before he saw me. Did i mention it was first day of school? Well it was. As i walked quickly to the front door i heard my name being called. "Jasmine!!!!" I hear his deep voice say. I tried ignoring as if i didn't hear it & kept walking. "Jasmine!!!! I know you hear me!!" I feel a hand on my shoulder. Tears now started to escape my eyes. I turned around and looked him in the eyes. "Get away harry." I turned back around and kept walking. I was now crying great what a nice way to start my first day of my junior year i thought to myself.

*authors note* hello im jennifer and its my first writing in here im a big fan of one direction! And i wanted to start writing about them. I hope you guys like the chapter. Please let me know if i should continue. :) thanks <3 bye now :D xoxox

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