First Impressions

It confuses me how one person can be the result of my undoing but its true, she did this to me but HE saved me.
WARNING: Contains Swearing.


1. Prolouge 14.11.13

How did I get here? I was the captain of the Softball and Netball teams, I was just about to pass my last year of college (High school) and applied for several universities, to here, locked in a white walled prison? It still confuses how one person can do that. And im not being paranoid and blaming someone else for my undoing, because she did but.... he saved me.
For you to understand, im going to have to go back to that day, the 19th of September last year

Hi, this is my very first movella, I hope you like it! :) If so please like and favorite :D
xxxxxxooooo thnx guys sooo much <3

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