First Impressions

It confuses me how one person can be the result of my undoing but its true, she did this to me but HE saved me.
WARNING: Contains Swearing.


3. Online

Me and Emily walked home together as I got inside I dumped my bag on the floor and went straight for my laptop and logged onto facebook and checked my messages they were from Tori and read ''Kill yourself, No one likes you fatass, No one will miss you, you worthless piece of shit, stay away from my boy bitch!'' It was all over my page. I started crying, and felt sick. Then my phone buzzed.
Are you OK?? Im so sorry about Tori- Unknown
Who are you??-Flo
Its Niall, please don't take it to heart, Shes just a child. Gtg stay smiling :)- Niall :)
My friends rung me and all said ''Are you ok, shes just a child, don't take it heart'' I acted all tough on the outside but on the inside I was shattered. What did I ever do to her? im not that fat am I? is she right am I worthless? Those questions kept swirling around in my head. It wasn't like me to take it to heart but I couldn't help it, I was so upset I couldn't eat or sleep. I finally cryed myself to sleep at 2am, I dreamed that everything and everyone I loved joined her. I told myself to harden up and go back to sleep but I just lay there wondering how im going to face her on Monday.
I knew that softball would take my mind off it. So I went out on the pitch and played my best. Like my dad always told me put all your anger into softball, so I did and it felt damn good! I kept pretending the ball was her head (I know its mean, but its the truth) It was the fourth inning and I went in for a bat, I looked around to see my family and saw Niall, we both waved shyly. When the game finished, I ran over to him. He smiled "Man, I hope you wont hit me like you hit the ball" he said in his adorable accent. I tried to giggle cutely, but failed miserably. Then out of nowhere he planted a kiss on my cheek. We both blushed. "Wont Tori kill you?" I asked. "She doesn't know" I melted under his accent. "Ummm.... would you like to get a drink together?" I nodded with an uncontrollable grin.


We sat outside. I ordered a iced chocolate, and he a latte. We talked for hours going on and on. 5 more drinks later, I heard high heels hitting the ground angrily. Me and Niall looked up in sync, already knowing what was there.....Tori.
"What the fuck!!!???" she screamed at him. Niall was speechless, we both were. She turned and slapped me. That was it, I got up and tackle her, punching her with passion. Some one finally pulled me off and chucked me in a prison cell. Mum turned up with fury in her eyes, she gave in and bailed me out. On the drive home I tried to plead my case, but she wouldn't hear it. I was alone with my thought for the seemingly hour long drive, but in reality a 15 minute one. well at least Tori will leave me alone..........I thought.  

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