First Impressions

It confuses me how one person can be the result of my undoing but its true, she did this to me but HE saved me.
WARNING: Contains Swearing.


2. Hello...

We had heard that she was coming, as well as her boyfriend. She would definitely be popular, as are all the new kids are until the poplars get bored and give them the flick, like the typical try-hards they. Then they would find their real group, the delinquents, the nerds, the musicians, the gossips or the sporty (me). She came with her brunette hair flowing in the wind, she had slutty clothes on; short-shorts that could qualify as underwear, a shirt that showed her stomach and lace bra and 6 inch stilettos, defiantly not my pick of clothes! She had her boyfriend caring all of her and his stuff, he had the whole blonde hair, blue eyes gorgeous thing going on, but she obviously owned him.  My thoughts were interrupted by a vibration, it was the school newsletter i looked to see if it has their names, it did Tori McDowell, and the boy Niall Horan. All of my friends were shocked by her dress sense too. She strutted over to us and she "Hi, what are your names?'' but she said it in a voice that meant I don't really care. But being polite we introduced ourselves " I'm Emily, Kendall, Beth, Connie and Kate" my friend stated "And I'm Florence" I continued. " Welcome to Churchill College" Kate said " Yeah" she said hastily." Are you girls popular at all?" she continued. "Um..... not really, we sort of do our own thing"  Kate said.        " Well I wont waste my time" she said. What a rude bitch!! I was kinda offended as were everyone else. She strutted of and Niall remorsefully followed. The bell rang so we headed of to English, and of course she was in there sitting with  the popular kids, and of course she was in every single compulsory subject! God help me


We sat in our usual by the other sportys and tried to eat the school lunch (more like school sewage) I nearly managed a mouthful but the smell was repulsing. I pulled out a roll I had mad e at home and ate that. My mum thinks eating the cafeteria food will make me fit in but I will stick out if I eat it. So every day I try for my mum, but I make a roll just in case. Then Niall came over interrupting my thoughts, " Tori wants me to tell you, you're all fat, ugly tramps that belong in the toilet" He kept looking back at Tori remorsefully. He and the thickest Irish accent, but what he said still hurt. We all felt sick. Niall mouthed "Sorry" and went to sit back with Tori. We were so upset, we stormed outside and played some football to take our minds off it. 

                                                                    French Class

I took my seat and focused on the teacher, Mrs.Bishop. Then Niall came to sit by me. I glanced around to search for Tori, but I couldn't see her. " What are you doing here" I asked. " I took a couple of classes without Tori to take a break, and I'm really sorry about lunch I had no choice" "Everyone has a choice" I said harshly "Well I don't you see.. Tori's parents and my parents are best friends, so if we break up so will our parents, but Tori doesn't think like that because she selfish, she just thinks i'm staying with her out of my own freewill " "I'm sure your parents will prefer your happiness over theirs" I said "They would but they can't, you see before we meet the McDowell's we could barely get by, like we were about to lose our house, I never had lunches, we didn't have anything except ourselves, But when they came they gave us food, money and a better life, so if I dump Tori we will go under again." "wow I've got it good then"  I said feeling guilty. "Your very open, Do you tell everyone?" "Oh No!!! I just feel i can trust you, but please don't tell anyone!" I looked at him and smiled. My thoughts were interrupted by "Ms.Lee, Ms.Lee" "Ah... yes Mrs.Bishop." I stammered. "Translate hospital" " I don't know sorry." "Hmm, as i suspected, detention Ms.Lee, you to Mr.Horan . FUCK!!!!!


We just sat there staring into space. Niall leaned over every five minutes and whispered "sorry" The third time I asked "do you always apologize ?" He nodded. Then all of a sudden Tori stormed in and screamed " What the fuck?!!" she screamed at me. Niall stood up and took my side. " It was my fault, I was talking" The teacher stormed over to us ans said "Take a seat Ms. McDowell" Hahaha I thought to myself, looks like not everyone puts up with her shit!

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