Niall's Secret Sister

Natlie and Niall are twins but people only know about Greg because Niall wanted to keep Natalie safe from fans and paps btw the girl on the cover is brunette because Niall is originally brunette so ya! And Niall and Nat are 16 in this


2. secret! shhh!

Niall's POV

*on the phone*


N:yes mom I know it's a secret haha ok I won't say anything to her promise ok me and the boys are getting on the plane now ok bye love you too! **off the phone** sigh I can't wait to see Nat (Natalie) we are twins but I haven't seen her in 2 years! I miss her so much!

Zayn's POV

Ni? Niall? Niall! We are here wake up! N:huh what? Come on mate we are here! Ready to see your sister again!? N: yes! I can't wait! Haha ok mate let's get the rest of the boys and go!

Natalie's POV

Man my mom has been cleaning all day and freaking out but she won't tel me why? Mom! Mom? Clam down why are you so nervous? M: on because dear there's a surprise coming over today! A surprise? What could the surprise be? O well!

A/N hey! This MIGHT be all I'm writing to day but if you guys want me to update or what ever talk to me on twitter! :) but for now I leave you with this ^^^^^^ byee! ~Sky❤️

Natalie's POV

**Knock knock** M:I'll get it! K mom! Wait! That could be the surprise! I ran down the stairs just to see.........

A/N aha clif hanger! Well not really cuz I guess you know what it is but still I don't really know what to write so ya I'll MAYBE update tomorrow or later to night haha byee! :) ~Sky❤️

Natalie's POV

See....... Gasp! NIALL!? OMG I then engulf him into a hug** N: haha hey sis! Hey sis?! I haven't see him in 3 freaken years and all he says is hey sis!? Owell at least he is back! And he brought his brothers!!! LOUIS ZAYN HARRY LIAM!!!! I'm my gosh I missed you guys!!! Boys: HEY!! Nat we missed u too!

Harry's POV

Oh my gosh Natalie is so much more beautiful in person! I mean I've seen pics and stuff but gosh! No Harry what are you doing I can't like her she is Niall's sister!

A/N hey!!! I now I haven't been updating and I'm so sorry!:( but if you guys EVER REALLY want me to update message me on Twitter! But anyway are Harry and Natalie going to have feelings for each other?! But bye for now sorry:( ~Sky❤️

Harry's POV

No! You cheated there is no way we can work this out!!! Bye!

Nats POV

I heard Harry yelling? I hope he is ok? Um hey Harry

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