Niall's Secret Sister

Natlie and Niall are twins but people only know about Greg because Niall wanted to keep Natalie safe from fans and paps btw the girl on the cover is brunette because Niall is originally brunette so ya! And Niall and Nat are 16 in this


1. intro thingy!

Hey I'm Natalie Horan yes Niall Horans TWIN sister you may have never heard of me probably because Niall never talks about me because I'm his "secret sister" it's just to protect me from crazy fans and paps and such but sometimes I feel like I'm not special enough anyway I'm 20 like Niall duh we are twins um I love singing but I have stage fright so ya I am brunette so is Niall but he dyes his hair. I am also very close with the boys but I haven't seen them or Niall in 2 years and that's a long time to not See your twin or your "brothers" as I like to call them I am also very close with Eleanor and Perrie so I call them my "sisters" and it feels good since I have 2 brothers so ya! That's me! :)

A/N hey guys this is my new fanfic btw if you have any questions on this or want me to update since I'm not on here every day follow me on twitter @sky_west9 :) byee! ~Sky❤️

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