Our History

When I was a kid, my grandpa used to tell used to tell me stories of when he was a kid. He told me that back then, everything was at peace. Immortals got along with mortals. Im fact, his best friend was a human. My grandpa's father was the king of all werewolves, along with his mate. Their names have been banished from the kingdom, so I can not say them. Anyways, one day, the king found his mate dead in the arms of a human. Ever since then human have been banished and hated. Everything changed. Since the king's mate was a very loved vampire, vampires everywhere turned on humans, and started feeding on them instead of animals. What happens next? You'll have to find out. My name is Jamie Molargik, and this is my story


2. I Don't Like to Dress Up


     Warning: Not edited! Sorry!


     As we were walking into my room, Eve started squealing like a little girl, "What the hell are you doing," I mumbled, "I'm so excited! You are going to look so pretty!" She exclaimed. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into my closet, "Sit there," Eve commanded. I swear, she is the only person that I let talk to me like this. I sat down on my bench, and watched as she teared trough my closet

     About 15 minutes later, Eve started squealing again, "This is it!" She exclaimed. I looked up at the dress she was holding, and I have to say, it's really pretty. The strapless dress was an ice-blue color, which matched my eyes perfectly, and flowed elegantly. I never liked showing off my legs, so this was perfect, "Try it on," Eve smiled. I got up, pulled the dress from Eve's grasp, and quickly changed into it, "Oh my gosh! Jamie, you look so pretty!" Eve said. I went to go walk over to the mirror, but Eve stopped me, "Nope! You don't get to see what you look like until I'm done!" I groaned, but sat down anyway. The room was silent as Eve took my waist-length, dirt-blonde hair out of it's pony tail, and started to curl it. Once she was done curling, Eve reached for her make-up bag. I growled at her, "Oh hush," she commanded.

     Eve pulled out a black tube of mascara, and applied some to both of my top lashes, leaving my bottom ones be. After a few more things were added to my face, and I still don't know what they were called, Eve clapped her hands and grinned from ear to ear.
     She walked over to my shoe, most of which I never wear, and pulled a pair of sliver shoes off the wall, "Since I know you hate high heels, here's a pair of flats," She said, and slid them on my feet. After my shoes were on, Eve pulled me to my feet, and pushed me over to the mirror. The girl who stared back at me, wasn't me. This girl looked much kinder, and prettier, "Oh my gosh! Jamie, If I was a guy, I'd totally date you, " Eve said. I chuckled, and gave her a hug. Eve was surprised by my sudden affection, but soon hugged my back.
     I sat on the bench, and talked to Eve as she got ready, "How do I look?" Eve said once she was done. She looked beautiful. She had chosen a red dress that was tight around her torso, but then flow loosely past her waist. Her hair was slightly shorter than mine, and flowed in soft waves. As usual, Eve didn't where any make-up, it agitates her skin, "You look amazing, Eve," I smiled.
     "Let's go get our party on!" Eve squealed, and dragged me out of the closet, and into my room, "One more thing," She mumbled, and walked over to my nightstand. When Eve turned around, I saw she was holding my light blue tiara, delicately in her hands. She then placed it softly one my head, "You look just like your mother," She whispered softly.
     Thoughts of my mother swarmed my mind, and for the first time in a long time, I battled tears away. I haven't cried since her funeral, "Hey come on, don't cry. If you ruin my masterpiece, I'll kill you," Eve mocked serious, trying to cheer me up, "I'm fine, let's go," I smiled softly, and looped my arm with her, "This going to be great!" Eve squealed as we walked down the hallway to the ballroom, "I hope so," I sighed, Eve looked over at me, "I know so,"


  Hey guys! Hope you liked it! Sorry it's short, the next chapter will be much longer! I'm thinking of updating every other day, since I normally have a lot of homework. Please give me feedback, and don't be afraid to criticize my work! I want to know. Also, follow my best friend Eve, evie750, who plays Eve in the book, and check her works!























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