Run {16+}

He was mysterious, rude and lost.

She was smart, stubborn and curious.

When Adeline becomes Harry's assistant on a famous magazine, her life is flipped upside down as she uncovers some of his darkest secrets.

Some of these secrets, best left untold.


1. Prologue




My heart is in my ears as I fumble with the door handle, finally pushing the wooden knob down and throwing the door open. His footsteps thump against the ground, shaking the small house as I race down the steps and into the night.

"Adeline I swear to God."

Forgetting my shoes, I throw my body into a fast sprint towards the Forest track, listening for his footsteps behind me. I know Harry is much faster then I am but I'm not letting that distract me.

His secret still echoes inside of my head.

Reaching the tall thick trees that marked the start of the Forest, I carefully run across sticks and stones, wincing as everything digs into the soles of my feet. Tears are now falling off my cheeks and it's making it harder to see.

'Should I look?' the little voice in my head asks. Curiosity eating my alive, I turn my head and mentally squeal as I watch Harry chase me right on my heels. The glow of the moon lights up his harsh features, especially his jade like eyes that look even darker in the night.

Shivers run down my spine as I quickly whip my head back and start moving faster towards the beach. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is starting to get louder and is blocking out the thumping of my heart in my ears.

"Please,' Harry calls out, sounding irritated.


Fingers tug at the loose fabric of my dress and I yelp, twisting my ankle on a root of a tree and falling into a mix of leaves, sticks and rocks.

His arms reach down to grab me but I crawl out of his grip, moving my knees and hands in time to crawl away. I scream as I feel him tug at my leg and pull me backwards so I'm on my stomach.

"Harry let go of me!" I cry, trying to latch on to anything that my body is being scraped over, "Please, your hurting me."

The pulling stops but my eyes widen as I look back to see two men grab onto Harry and push him into the dirt. I crawl backwards in fear as they look down at me, one of them reaching into their belt to reveal a large gun, one like my father used to own.

"Ready to see your boyfriend die pretty girl?" the man with the gun chuckles, aiming the barrel towards Harry's head. Harry looks up at me, trying to get out of the other man's hold. His eyes lock with mine and I can't help but whimper as a tear trickles down his cheek.


I reach forward but a strong wind pushes me back and the last thing I hear is the bang of a gun.

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