Run {16+}

He was mysterious, rude and lost.

She was smart, stubborn and curious.

When Adeline becomes Harry's assistant on a famous magazine, her life is flipped upside down as she uncovers some of his darkest secrets.

Some of these secrets, best left untold.


5. Chapter 4.

“We’re here,” Liam says, parking the car along the sidewalk.

I sigh deeply, instantly regretting coming here. My parents will kill me if they ever find out I attended a party on a work night. I sound like a teenager.

I find my eyes searching for Harry who has already gotten out of the car and followed Liam and Ellie up the stairs. I spot him shaking hands with a familiar co-worker before stepping inside.

“You remember Addie right?” Ellie beams, the moonlight reflecting on her teeth. I finally reach the top of the stairs, fixing my hair before smiling at Evan. Bright blonde hair is falling messily in his eyes, the strobe lights from inside illuminating his skin.

“Of course, how could I forget such a pretty face?” he grins, his hand brushing against my bare arm, leaving a lingering tingle on my skin. His hand was cold, very cold. I reply with a hesitant smile before walking inside, desperate to get away from him.

He means trouble, my subconscious tells me, He looks too much like...

“Hey Adeline!”

I turn to follow the voice and come across Harry sitting on a bar stool.

“What do you want Harry?” I sigh, sitting beside him. Loud music, similar to what Harry listens to, is blaring out of massive speakers, sweaty bodies dancing in the middle of the living room. It wasn’t exactly dancing; it was more like dislocating your hips.

“What do you think of the party? Not what you expected aye?” he laughs, a red cup tight in his grip. I roll my eyes but I can’t help but agree with him. Evan seems like a sketchy guy but I didn’t think he would host a college party.

“These...people,” I reply, looking towards the hip dislocaters, “They don’t work at Glitz do they?”

Harry takes a sip of his drink and shifts in his seat, “Let’s just say that Evan’s quite the popular guy.”

I turn to look at him and he smiles slightly, placing his cup on the bar and getting up.

“Where are you going?” I ask as he starts to walk towards the entrance, “You just got here.”

“So many questions Adeline..”

I swallow as he steps outside, disappearing with the crowd. Since when did Harry just show up for parties than leave? I knew I would have to more than just sit here to find out.



I make my way through the crowd until I reach Ellie and Liam, both of them deep in conversation.  I notice that Evan is missing and I sudden wave of fear hits me. How can one encounter already make me feel uneasy?

“Where’s Evan?” I ask, Ellie, Liam and the people with them stopping to stare at me.

“He’s...” Ellie stops to look around, a frown line appearing on her forehead, “Gone, why?”

“Come with me.”

I grab her wrist and pull her outside, my eyes darting around the front yard. I feel my heart racing when I spot Evan disappearing down the street.

“Addie what are you doing?” Ellie cries, many heads turning to stare at us.

“Don’t you think Harry and Evan are being kind of suspicious tonight?” I push hair behind my ear as I spin to face her.  Her blue eyes are full of curiosity but I can tell she knows what I’m talking about.

“Addie, trust me, I tried to ask Harry about something like this before and it ended badly.”

“Evan scares me and Harry is the son of one the sneakiest men in the world. There’s no harm in just seeing where they disappear to,” I reply, giving Ellie a hopeful glance before following Evan. He’s quite a far distance ahead of me but I can still make out his figure.

“We are so dead if they catch us, you know that right?” Ellie sighs, both of us moving into a silent jog, “What if they deal drugs or something?”

“So many questions,” I laugh, my mind racing back to before. Harry had given me a smile I couldn’t forget, a smile that read “follow me.” It was like he wanted me to follow him without actually saying anything. Evan turns the corner and we follow a few steps behind him.

Suddenly we reach a rundown house and I hear Ellie gasp as we spot Harry standing on the front porch. He perks up once he sees Evan and I yelp as Ellie tugs me down behind a rose garden.

“Shh,” she whispers, both of us poking our heads up.

I can see their lips moving but I can’t hear a thing. My heart about to explode, I start crawling along the garden, desperate to hear their conversation. Ellie is right on my heels and I stop once I hear Harry’s voice.

“She’s a problem.”

“How? Because she talks to me? Because she lives in my apartment?” It’s Harry.

“The closer she gets to you, the more she finds out. Can’t you remember what happened with Alison?” Evan’s voice leaves shivers down my spine and I quickly shake them away.

There’s silence before Harry replies, “I told you to never mention her again.”

“Face it Harry, as long as you’re part of this Alison will never be forgotten."

“Can you shut up and give me the key.”

Ellie gives me an alarmed look before we here rustling around and the sound of a zipper.

“He’s apartment 5C, get it done by tomorrow.”

“Whatever Evan.”

I hear footsteps and the creaking of the old wooden stairs before it seems safe to come out of hiding.

“What do you think that means?” Ellie asks, dirt and leaves covering her dress. I look around the yard, a dog barking in the distance.

“I have no idea but we have to find out.”

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