Run {16+}

He was mysterious, rude and lost.

She was smart, stubborn and curious.

When Adeline becomes Harry's assistant on a famous magazine, her life is flipped upside down as she uncovers some of his darkest secrets.

Some of these secrets, best left untold.


3. Chapter 2.

I stare in awe as Harry parks the car, Glitz Incorporated towering over us as he cuts the engine.

 “Never seen a tall building before?” Harry smirks, turning to look at me as I roll my eyes.

 “I just can’t believe I’m actually working at Glitz, this is like a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a teenager I would read Glitz and imagine myself writing my own advice column and now I’m finally here.” I smile at the memory and step out of the car, finding out Harry drives a Mercedes Benz, how predictable.

“You’ve got a long way to go to get that far, you’re only my assistant for now,” he replies, locking the Mercedes and walking towards the entrance, “It’s quite rare that an assistant actually get’s to take part on the magazine itself but I guess every girl in the world would kill to be Harry Styles assistant.”

I follow on his heels and mentally slap him on the back of the head. Harry is known to be trouble and ever since his mum’s addiction got announced, he had been caught getting into brawls in private clubs and hooking up with models. Note to self: Never get associated with Harry outside of work....ever.

He pushes open the glass doors and we step inside, my mouth dropping open at the sight of the chic and modern lobby. Women in pencil skirts and light blue blouses rush around, some speaking into ear pieces and others holding trays of coffee and stacks of paper work piled mountain high. Harry leads me towards main reception and a young lady greets us, letting us check in.

“And you must be one of our new assistants am I correct?” she asks and I nod, “Welcome! You will be working with Harry on level seven in compartment B, hope you enjoy your first day Miss Rose.”

“Thank you,” I say, bidding her goodbye before following Harry to the elevator. He pushes ‘7’ as the doors close and I feel my body tense as the awkwardness kicks in. Part of me wants to become good friends with Harry and get to know who he is behind the cameras but another part of me wants to stay as far away as possible and avoid him at all costs. Working with him however will make that pretty much impossible.

“What’s on your mind?” he asks, breaking the silence.

I look up at him and notice how green his eyes are in real life. They remind me of two twinkling emeralds and I pull away, “Just nervous I guess.”

He nods and the door opens at our floor, Harry leading the way as we make our way past compartment A and into B. People sit in their office areas, some focused on their work while some sip coffee and chat with co-workers. I look out the windows as I walk past, admiring the view of New York on a beautiful September day. I’m lost in the sight of the sun shining onto the glass when I bump into someone and hot coffee spills onto my lavender blouse.

“Shit...I mean sorry! Oh my god I can’t believe I just did that!” a small girl cries, holding a Starbucks coffee cup in her hand, most of the contents dripping down the side and onto the carpeted floor.

I stare at my blouse as the liquid sinks in and I mentally throw myself into a pool of sharks, “No it’s my fault! I wasn’t looking where I was going and-“

“No I was too busy texting my boyfriend that I didn’t see you...god I’m such a damn klutz!” the girl runs her fingers through her red hair and stares at the stain, “Here, let me get you a new blouse, I’m a stylist so I get access to the model’s wardrobes.”

“I’ll meet you at my office when you’re done,” Harry says, “You should really learn to stop texting and walking Ellie.”

Ellie smiles and links her arm around mine, “The day that happens will be the day you stop smoking.”

The image of Harry smoking fills my mind, an old news report flashing in my head.

“Harry Styles, son of wealthy entrepreneur Mr Richard Styles was caught smoking on the streets of New York this morning, some saying he was also abusing innocent bystanders and acting like a ‘drunk coward’. Is the twenty four year olds life taking a turn for the worst?”

I shake the thought from my head as Ellie pulls me away from the offices and towards a hallway, a lady pulling a cart of dresses walking past us. She unlocks a door and we step inside my first thoughts being ‘wow.’

Racks and racks of different sorts of clothing line the walls and hang on carts, so many colours, patterns and sizes that my head goes dizzy. Ellie lets go of my arm and walks further into the room, pulling out a couple of different coloured blouses.

“What size are you hun?” she asks, showing me the colours.

“Does that blue one come in small?”

Ellie looks at the tag and grins, “Just your luck.”

After I change, Ellie directs me to Harry’s office, everyone sitting around me looking up as we pass by.

“Why are they staring?” I ask, awkwardly holding onto my handbag. I look down to see a boy with bright blue eyes staring back, winking at me before I pass him.

“It’s not every day that a new girl walks in. Glitz is very hard to get into, you’re just lucky that Harry’s old assistant quit.”

I wanted to ask why but deep down I already knew.

We stop at Harry’s office and Ellie turns to smile at me, “How rude of me, I didn’t even ask for your name?”

I tug a piece of hair over my ear and return the smile, “I’m Adeline but everyone calls me Addie.”

“Well Addie, I will see you soon,” Ellie says goodbye before turning around and disappearing behind a corner. I inhale slowly as I look at the door of Harry’s office, Mr Harry Styles engraved in the glass. I knock and I shiver as a raspy voice calls out.

I open the door and I walk inside, surprised at how elegant and chic his office is. A mahogany table sits in the centre, Harry twirling around in a whirly chair behind it. Famous art pieces sit on the walls and I’m shocked at how beautifully decorated the place really is. Lastly is a tall book case that takes up the whole left wall. Some of the classics are placed on there for show and I walk closer to get a better look at a photograph that sits beside them.

“You right?” Harry murmurs and I sigh, walking away before getting a look. I stand in front of his desk as he looks up at me, tapping a pen against the wood of the desk.

“Sorry, your office is very lovely,” I say, managing to put on a small smile.

Harry turns away and he spins the chair so he’s looking out of the window, “That’s good; you will be in here a lot. I will be working with some of the other photographers in a few minutes so you will be alone for maybe,” he stops and counts the numbers in his head, “Three hours?”

I nod as he stands up, “All you need is right here. If someone rings, answer. If someone needs something, do it, pretty basic stuff. If you need me, just call this number,” He jots down numbers on a sticky note then hands it to me, “Miss Belle will be coming in shortly to give you your paperwork for this week.”

He walks towards the door and I panic, “Harry!”

He turns and shoots me a confused glance, “What?”

I swallow, “Never mind.”



“So, how was your first day?”

I lay on my stomach, one foot hooked over another as I sprawl out on my bed, “Alright I guess. Organised some paperwork, answered some calls, planned some meetings.”

I hold the phone to my right ear, flicking through the latest issue of Glitz as my best friend Gia talks on the other end.

“Exciting! Meet any cute boys?” she asks, the line crackling. My mind flickers back to when the boy with the bright sapphire like eyes winked at me. Apparently his name is Evan and he is a big player (according to Ellie.)

“Not really but guess who I’m working for?” I reply, the yellow sticky note that Harry wrote his number on catching my eye. I reach for it and un-wrap the scrunched up ball, admiring his neat handwriting.

“Who?” Gia squeals and I laugh, throwing the note on the floor and looking at one of the photo shoots. Two models dressed in bikinis are posing in sand, the sun shining on their bronzed skin. Their smiles are clearly visible and I look down at the right corner to see a familiar name.

Photos by Harry Styles

“Harry Styles.”

“You’re joking! I knew he worked there but you...his...holy crap.”

I giggle as the line crackles again, this time going dead.

“Damn it,” I sigh, dropping the phone onto the bed and falling onto my back. Since Gia had moved to London, it had been near impossible to call her. I stare up at the ceiling, the boring white paint reminding me of a fresh canvas, ready for colour to brighten up its base. It also reminds of my journey at Glitz, just getting started.

As my eyelids beg to close, I send a silent prayer to God, praying that if he could somehow not let Harry ruin my life.

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