All That Matters

Justin and Rebecca are still going strong.. or so you thought.
Was it all just an Illusion, or is this illusion, just a dream?


6. Please Read and don't be upset with me

I'm actually really scared to post this.

I know i've disappointed all of you and it makes me feel horrible. I never thought that I wouldn't be able to finish this story, but I can't seem to keep going. I feel like all the issues are just repeats of what has already happened and if i'm going to write I want it be the best it can be. I don't think its fair to give such amazing people anything less than an amazing story. So as of now, the series is done. Please, do not hate me. I just need some ideas, some inspiration for the next chapter. And this is where I'm asking for your help. Kik me, please and help me with ideas... If I can have somebody help me with the next chapter- I will continue with the stories. I never want to disappoint you guys. I love you and don't give up on me. 

                   Thank you.


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