All That Matters

Justin and Rebecca are still going strong.. or so you thought.
Was it all just an Illusion, or is this illusion, just a dream?


4. Options

When he got a hold of me, he just held me. I cried into his chest. I didn't want to talk to him. Even though he was the one that made me sad, he was the only one that could make me happy.

He kept running his hands through my hair, kissing my head every time. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, pulling my face to his neck. 

Justin: I love you, i'm sorry.

I didn't say anything. I calmed my sobbing and slowly stopped crying. He rubbed my back and kept kissing my hair. When I finally looked up at him, his eyes were just as red as mine. I didn't notice until now, but my hair was wet. 

Justin: I don't want to lose you.

I just shook my head and hid my face in his neck again, hugging him tighter than before. 


After we went back to the room, we calmed down and then laid down. We just laid there and talked. We actually didn't talk as much as you'd think. We laid there. My body incredibly close to his. His arms wrapped around me, tightly. This was the Justin I fell in love with

Rebecca: I'm sorry.

Justin looked at me, confused.

Rebecca: I get too jealous, too easily.

Justin: I shouldn't have said what I did.

Rebecca: I know you could do so much better, and I'm scared you're going to realize it and leave me. I wouldn't be able to handle it. That's why I get so scared when you're talking to other girls. Especially ones who look like she did.

Justin: Look like she did? Are you serious? She's nothing compared to you. You're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Ever. 

I looked up at him and just watched his face. He was serious and looked a little disappointed that I didn't agree. 

Rebecca: But i'm not as great as you think..

Justin: You're better than I would've ever imagined, and I don't know how you don't see that.

I kissed his cheek softly, before wrapping his free arm around me. 

Justin: I love you. 

Rebecca: I love you. 

He kissed my forehead before pulling the covers over my shoulder, keeping me wrapped close to him. 

Something about the way he held me, as if it was the last time he was going to see me,the last time he'd ever feel my body up against his. The way he slowly closed  his eyes, as if he was slipping away, but he would open them quickly. His breathing was always slow and steady whenever we'd lay together, almost as if he was always asleep. The way his lips were slightly parted, just enough to see the bottom of his top teeth.

He always smiled at me when i'd stare at him. He always questioned why I was so in love with just staring at him for awhile. He never noticed how beautiful he was. He was flawless without even trying,and it was unbelievable. 

Justin: Staring is rude. 

The corners of his lips formed a slight smile as I looked up at him.

Rebecca: I don't care, quite frankly.

Justin: Then this means i'm allowed to stare at you. 

His tongue slipped between his lips, wetting his bottom lip. It was just something Justin always did. He always did it without realizing it, but it was honestly one of the most attractive things i'd seen. Like ever.

Rebecca: No, it's okay or me to do it. Not you. 

Justin: Oh really? And why is that?

He was now smirking, trying to intimidate me. 

However, it wasn't working. I think he forgot that I've known him all my life, his smirks DID NOT intimidate me, no matter how bad he wanted them to. 

Rebecca: Because i'm your wife and you listen to me.

I smiled a wide smile and watched as his grin faded. 

Justin: You're right. - But i'm your husband, which gives me staring rights, also.

Rebecca: Not if I don't want you to.

Justin: Too bad you don't control my eyes. 

I crossed my arms and squinted at him.

Justin: I'm kidddinng, i'll do anything you want me to.. happy wife, happy life.

I laughed as he smiled at me.

Rebecca: I really love you, it's unbelievable.

I took his face in my hands and took in every mark, every crease, every little thing about it. 

Justin: And I love you so much more.

Rebecca: Not possible...

Justin: Possible.

He matched his lips with mine before pulling me closer. 

Rebecca: Justin?

Justin: Yea?

Rebecca: Can we go watch the sunset?

He nodded. 

We got up out of bed. He took my hand in his and kissed it as we left the room. We walked down to the beach as the sun lowered. He sat on the sand, pulling me on to his lap. He kissed the side of my cheek as I leaned back on his chest. 

As the time passed, the equator seemed to swallow the sun. It was so beautiful. 

Rebecca: It's so pretty.

He took my chin in his hand and made me look at him.

Justin: It is, but it does not even compare to your beauty. 

I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his.

As we pulled out of the kiss, it started pouring on us. I started laughing and Justin started cussing at the clouds. 

He then looked at me and smiled, realizing I didn't mind the rain.

He picked my up and started running to the room. He was laughing so hard that I basically fell out of his arms. I started laughing even harder as this happened.

Justin: Im sorry.

I started cracking up as the other members of the resort stared at us and laughed. 

Rebecca: Oh, how I love you.

Justin smiled at me and kissed me. 

Wasn't this ever girl's dream? Being kissed in the rain? Not even just that, but being kissed in the rain by Justin Bieber. It was as perfect as it sounds. We didn't care how many people stared. We didn't care how many people thought we were absolutely absurd. Because in all honesty- the only thing that mattered then and there, was each other. I didn't care what people thought. I didn't care how many people took pictures. All i cared about was how happy I was making Justin. And I thought I was doing a pretty damn good job.


I woke up on the hammock on the patio. I stood up then walked into the room.

Rebecca: Justin?

I walked around, looking for him. I turned into the bathroom and Justin jumped out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of me. He started cracking up and I smacked his chest as I caught my breath. After awhile, I started laughing along.

Rebecca: You're an ass, you know that, right?

Justin: But i'm your ass.

He smiled and pecked my lips.

Rebecca: If you keep doing that shit, i might get rid of you..

Justin: You wouldn't..

Rebecca: You know I couldn't, but still...

Justin: Exactly.

Rebecca: So, mind explaining why I woke up on the hammock?

Justin: Well, I was out there with you, then I had to pee, so I got up and you know.

Rebecca: But why were we out there in the first place?

Justin: I wanted to lay out there, i dont know. Don't question me. 

Rebecca: I just did.

Justin: That's insulting.

I smiled at him and he pulled me closer.

Justin: What do you want to do today?

I smiled, thinking about our options.













*I KNWO THIS IS SHORT. but bear with me. I'm leaving for vacation in 5 days and I WILL BE WRITING then. this doesn't mean the chapters will be published, but I will be writing. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer! As always you can kik me redconverse21 nd feel free to tweet me @rebeccaelizabe7 ily. i PROMISE ILL UPDATE SOON.

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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