All That Matters

Justin and Rebecca are still going strong.. or so you thought.
Was it all just an Illusion, or is this illusion, just a dream?


5. I walked out

Just like everyday, it was my choice to pick what we do. Justin never really seemed to care about what we did, as long as it made me happy. In all honesty, I could be sitting on the side of the street with nothing to my name, but as long as I had my Justin and my babies, I would be the happiest person in the world. 

Justin: So?

Rebecca: I want to lay here.. with you, just us... and you have to sing whatever songs i want.

Justin sighed loudly then smiled at me.

Justin: Anything for my baby girl... which isn't you.

My jaw dropped and I smacked him. He laughed along with me and pulled me into a big hug.

Justin: I'm kiddingg!!! You'll always be my baby girl..

Rebecca: No, you're right, Carter is your baby girl.

Justin: Okay, well you're my number 2 baby girl.

Rebecca: That makes me feel SO much better. 

I laughed at him some  more and he squeezed me tighter. 

Justin: Okay... well.. you're my, uhhhhh

Rebecca: You can't even come up with a nickname for me!

Justin: I mean... I do, but you just gave it to Carter... now she has two..

Rebecca: What was her first?

Justin: Sweetheart.. and you were baby girl.

Rebecca: Well then, I want mine back

Justin: Alright... babygirl...

I smiled up at him and gave him a kiss.


Justin was always so sweet in situations like this one... you know where we get bombarded with a bunch of girls. It's not that i wasn't.. it's just that I felt very uncomfortable. I loved the beliebers and I loved Justin. 

It's just that I always felt like they liked me, but yet they always wanted to get rid of me. I had always felt unwanted in most of these situations. 

Today it was worse. Justin was always so nice to them. He could never turn them away and sometimes there weren't a lot but sometimes it was just super irritating. And right now he didn't seem to realize that I was walking away. 

So I decided today I would go to the spa, get away for awhile. 

When  showed up, they took me right away. They lead me over to a couch to wait. They put a hot towel around my neck and then walked away- still looking at me with curiosity. 

When they did take me, the nail lady and I had a very nice conversation. Toward the end, however, she asked me why everybody was staring at me, and why people were taking pictures of me. 

I sort of laughed at this because i hadn't even realized because I was just naturally used to this.


I walked back into our room after a long day. 

As soon as I walked in I got bombarded with questions from Justin.

Justin: Did you ever think of fucking telling me when you're going to walk off like that?

Rebecca: Did you ever think to stop talking to a group of girls and talk to your wife? You know the woman you married? The one you had kids with?

Justin: You're the one who wanted to get married?

Rebecca: Oh, so this marriage isn't your plan of happiness?

I crossed my arms and just looked at him. Justin was always sort of an ass. It was just usually towards people who were an ass to me.

Justin: I never fucking said that- but you knew this would come along with me. You knew that.

Rebecca: Yeah, but I thought you would at least try to hurry it up most of the time so I could still spend time with you instead of you learning each and every one of their life stories. 

Justin: At least they listen to me!


He was silent as he stared me down.

Rebecca: That's what I thought.

I walked into the room and grabbed my passport. 

Justin: What are you doing?

Rebecca: I'm going home to the people who actually freaking care about me. You can stay here and fool around with whoever you want because at this point I don't care anymore. I don't care what you do. The only reason i'm trying to make this impossible relationship work is so that my kids can grow up with a somewhat normal family. And it would help if you at least acted like you cared.

Justin: Have a nice flight. See you in like 2 weeks.

And I walked out, and just like that, everything seemed to change. 





I feel like yall dont like this story and i feel as if I've just been dragging it along. If it gets past like 2 or 3 weeks you guys need to just spam me on kik okay? I swear it's hard to write when it feels like nobody wants to read it. I really do love you all. 

Also- please go read my other stories while you wait for the next update! 


"It's cool, we're just friends" 


Please find some space in your heart to forgive me? 

I love you guys. <3*

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