All That Matters

Justin and Rebecca are still going strong.. or so you thought.
Was it all just an Illusion, or is this illusion, just a dream?


7. Final

So, what you're probably looking for here is a happy ending with everybody happy and perfect. But that's not how really like works.

The Final Chapter:

It's been more than two weeks. Try two months. This hasn't been easy on me, but it's easier than struggling between hating my life and hating my husband. I know now that I shouldn't be mad at Justin because of the fame. And with that being said, even though I can't hate him for it, I also can't deal with the loud girls and the screaming fans. I'm a mother now, not a teenager. 

Justin and I have been talking recently, but only for our children's sake. As much as  hate to see Justin, he has a right to his children. He is a good father. So today, he'd coming to my hotel and picking up the kids to spend a day with them. 

Let me remind you, we haven't been face to face in two months. I left, and he let me. 

Usually he would chase after me but he got tired of chasing and I got tired of running. 

I woke up this morning and already dreaded it. I looked over at the clock and realized Justin was going to be here in an hour so I quickly hopped out of bed and checked on Carter and Drew. Drew was bouncing on his bed screaming "daddy, daddy" resulting and Carter crying. I kissed Drew on the forehead and smiled at him. Then picked of Carter from her crib and bounced her. 

Drew: Where's Dada?

Rebecca: He'll be here soon, sweetheart. 

I hated using the nickname sweetheart because that's what Justin nicknames Carter; but Drew loved being called sweetheart. It made him feel special. 

Since I gave the kids baths last night, I brought them into the bathroom with me and let them use the portable DVD player. I never let them out of my sight during the day. They were too well known and I couldn't have anybody take them from me. 

I got out of the shower and brought them into my room. I put on my makeup and dried my hair. I threw on some sweatpants and put my hair in a messy bun. It was going to be a lazy day. 

As I finally got a chance to sit down on my bed, I heard a knock. 

Rebecca: Daddy's here!

Carter did her little baby squeal and Drew ran over to the door. I carried Carter over and unlocked the door. When I opened the door, I saw him for the first time in two months. He bent down and picked up drew and kissed him about thirty times. He stood back up with Drew in his hands and smiled at me. 

Justin: I missed you 

He kept looking at me and smiled.

Drew: I missed you, too daddy!

Justin looked down at Drew, almost forgetting he was holding him in his arms.

Justin: You ready for today?

Drew nodded his head vigorously and squeezed his grip on Justin.

Justin: Hey, Drew can I talk to Mommy?

Drew: Yeah, are you gonna kiss her?

Justin laughed and put him down. I walked over into the kitchen with Carter in  my arms and Justin next to me.

Rebecca: Is everything okay?

Justin: Are you sure this is okay?

He just ignored my question. 

Rebecca: Yeah, but if any crowds show up, please call me. Drew starts getting upset and then Carter will start crying.

Justin: They were never like that...

Rebecca: They're used to living a normal life now, Justin.

Justin: I'm sorry.. I just-

Drew ran into the room and started jumping 

Drew: Can we pleeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee leave daddy?/

Justin smiled and nodded.

I handed Carter to him and kissed her. Then, I bent down to hug Drew, I also got a kiss from him and fixed his hair.

Then they all left. Leaving me alone. Wondering how we went wrong. Or why I ever chose him in the first place. 

About an hour later I got a call from him asking me if he could just hang out at the hotel with him because one of his fans found him and asked for a picture, and he's pretty sure she posted it on twitter. He didn't want to be bombarded. So of course, for the well being of my children I agreed. 

As I heard his knock, I got up from the couch and opened the door, unveiling Justin and my two babies. He walked in and Carter was asleep. So I took her and put her in her crib to nap. When I came back out Justin was sitting on the couch with Drew laying across him. I sat next to him.

Drew: Momma, can you play with my hair?

Rebecca: Of course, swe-

I paused

Rebecca: Baby

Justin looked over at me and smiled. 

I played with his hair until he fell asleep. Justin then proceeded to pick up Drew and lay him down in his little bed I bought him.

Justin came back in and sat next to me. 

Justin: You know.. this hasn't been easy for me?

I didn't say anything,I kept looking forward. 

Justin: I wanted to chase after you, but I didn't want to be rejected because maybe you needed to save yourself. But Becca, when two weeks passed and I found out you weren't coming back, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to come see you, but I didn't want to fight. 

I didn't move. 

Justin: Becca, when you asked me if everything was okay this morning, I needed to tell you this. 

He turned my face so I was looking at him.

Justin: Becca, I wasn't okay. I won't be okay until I have my family back. Until I have you back.

Rebecca: Justin this is too much. I can't deal with the fame the crowds. I just can't do it. 

Justin: You don't have to- We can stay here, I'll never sing again and I know it's selfish against my fans but- I'm a father now. I need you guys so i'll be okay. We can be a family, please?

I couldn't help but let a smile crawl upon my face. I nodded slowly as he brought his lips to mine. I laid my head on his chest. 

Justin: This is our future, baby. Forever. 




I couldn't leave this unwritten, so this is the last chapter of the trilogy. I'm sorry for my lack of writing. I woke up this morning and just felt the need to finish. And as I said in the beginning, real like isn't perfect. And neither was this family, but thank you for embracing it and always believing in me. I'm always here if you need to talk. 

Thank you for the continuous support. I love you. 

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