All That Matters

Justin and Rebecca are still going strong.. or so you thought.
Was it all just an Illusion, or is this illusion, just a dream?


3. Eyes

Rebeca: Get off of mee!

Justin was currently climbing on top of me as I laid by the water.

Justin: No, I wanna see you.

Rebecca: You can see me from the side, you don't need to be hovering over me.

Jusitn: Babbbbyyyy, it makes me feel closer to you.

He stuck his bottom lip out at me and I laughed.

I pushed him by his chest, making him tumble to the side, landing on the towel. 

Justin: Now you're gonna get it!

I sat up and looked over at him. He was staring at me, trying to look mean. It wasn't working, though. Justin never looked mean, he was was a kind hearted person. He knew it, too.

Rebecca: Now working, doll.

Justin: I can be mean!

Rebecca: No, you aren't.

To think of it, the only time I've ever seen Justin mad, it when he was drunk, high, or somebody made me doubt our relationship/said shit about me. 

Justin: Then i'm not gonna talk to you. 

He turned on his other side and faced away from me. I looked at him for a couple of seconds before placing myself next to him and wrapping my arms around him from the back. I placed my lips on the back of his neck and kissed him. 

Rebecca: I still love you. 

Justin turned back to me and put his arms around my waist. He intertwined his legs with mine and kissed my forehead.

Justin: I love you. 

I smiled and looked him in the eyes. His eyes always told me how he was feeling. If he was sad, he'd always have a smile on my face, but his eyes told me exactly how he was feeling, smiling or not.

But today, he looked genuinely happy, like nothing could ruin the moment. This was true. There was something about laying on the beach with Justin that made me feel invincible. 

Looking into his eyes, it felt like time was frozen. I really wish it would be, because then i'd get to be with him forever like this.

Justin: Baby? You okay?

I snapped out of my daze and smiled at Justin.

Rebecca: Yea, why?

Justin: You weren't responding to me for the past couple of minutes. 

Rebecca: I was just thinking.

Justin: About what, boo?

Rebecca: You. I love you so much.

Justin: I love you, more than you can even imagine. 

His lips connected with mine. All I could hear was the sound of the waves crashing against the soft sand. But then again, you could hear the laughs of couples, falling in love. Or perhaps they were already in love. 

Justin pulled my body closer. It was so hot outside, so i thought it would be uncomfortable, at first.  I was wrong. He made me feel comfortable. It was just something about him ,that from the beginning, always made me feel safe, comfortable. 

I suddenly felt tired. I just wanted to fall asleep in his arms. 

Justin: Baby?

Rebecca: Mhmm..?

Justin: Wanna go in the water with me?

I could tell by the way he spoke, he wanted to go in, but he didn't want to let go of me. 

I nodded and opened my eyes. We stood up together and walked over to the water. It was freezing. 

Rebecca: I change my mind.

Justin: Nope, come on.

I refused to go in and Justin had an evil look in his eyes. He picked me up and walked into the water. My arms held on to Justin for dear life. 

Justin: I'll dunk you if you don't walk for yourself.

Rebecca: Okay, okay. Put me down then. 

He set me down and the water was by my hips. Justin laughed at me as I grabbed a hold of him. I was now hanging on his arm, scared he was going to make me go any deeper. 

Justin: Come on.

I dug me heels in the sad.

Rebecca: Justin, it's cold.

Justin: I promise, you'll be alright. 

I gave in and walked deeper into the water with him. I moved closer to him as a wave crashed against my stomach. I squealed and hugged Justin.

Justin: I think you actually just want to be close to me. 

Rebecca: Yes, I do. It's also freezing cold, though.

Justin: If you want to be close, just tell me.

He wiggled his eyebrows as a wave moved past us. His body pulled me closer until it couldn't get any closer. He lifted me out of the water and I wrapped my legs around his waist. My hands wrapped around his neck and played with his hair.

Justin: Your boobs are in my face.

I started to speak but he cut me off.

Justin: Not that i'm complaining, of course. 

I moved my face to his and pressed my lips to his. His hands held me up as a wave crashed against us. 

Justin: We have a problem.

Rebecca: huh?

He motioned to the lower part of his body. I started laughing uncontrollably at him.

Rebecca: "We" don't have a problem, YOU have a problem.

Justin: But you caused it, so you have to fix it... and the thing is, we can't get out of the ocean, or else people will be taking pictures...

Rebecca: I am not having sex with you in this ocean. You can fix this problem yourself.

Justin: But I want your help.

Rebecca: too bad, love you.

I wiggled myself out of his arms. He tried to grab me but I moved faster than him. I got out of the water and watched him stare me down. I knew he was mad at me for doing that, but hey, that's what he gets for making me go in the water.


He didn't talk to me for the next ten minutes after he finally came out of the water.

Justin: Next time you want to have sex, i'm not doing it. I'm gonna tell you that you can do it yourself. 

I started laughing and he looked at me with dark eyes. 

Justin: I'm not kidding. 

Rebecca: Fine then, if you're mad at me, i'll go on a walk myself. 

He just stared at me as I stood up. I walked down by the water across the property of the resort. 

I heard a couple high pitched screams the looked to my right. There were two teenage girls pointing at me. I smiled as they ran over to me.

Rebecca: What are your names?

I soon found out that they were named Rachael and Shannon.

Rachael: You're so pretty..

She started crying harder than before. 

Shannon: Can we have hugs?

Rebecca: Awh! Haha of course. 

I pulled them into a hug and they squeezed me tight. It was alright though, because I was used to a lot tighter hugs when Drew, Carter, and Justin all decided they wanted hugs at once.

The girls asked for pictures, which I had always loved doing with the fans. 

Shannon: Oh my gosh, I love your bathing suit...

I was wearing a neon pink Victoria Secret bikini.

Rebecca: Thank you!

I smiled at them as they smiled wide. 

Rebecca: Hey, would you guys like to meet Justin?

They both squealed and hugged me again. I laughed and started walking back with them.

Rebecca: He's a little mad at me, so don't mind if he gives me attitude. 

As we got closer to where Justin was, I saw a girl, standing next to him and he had his arm wrapped around her waist from the side. I couldn't help but get a little jealous. She kissed his cheek and then he sat back down. She walked away, happier that ever. He put his elbows on his knees and ran his hands though his hair. 

As we got closer, he looked up then ran over to me.

Justin: Do not go off without me, I couldn't get a hold of you.

He pulled me into a hug and hid his face in my neck.

Justin: I thought I lost you. 

I pulled away from him, still jealous of the girl who previously kissed his cheek.

Rebecca: Justin, this is Rachael and Shannon, they are beliebers and I promised them photos with you. 

Justin smiled and took photos with the girls. They ended up talking for awhile, until their mom made them leave.


We got back to the room and I just wanted to sleep. Justin followed right behind me. 

Justin: Hey, what's wrong?

Rebecca: Nothing, i need to get a shower.

I walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. 

Justin: Rebecca, open the door.

I turned on my music and got into the shower.

As I pulled my pajamas on, Justin stood in front of me, looking at me. 

Justin: Please, just tell me what I did. 

He had a hopeless look to him.

Rebecca: Nothing, I promise.

Justin: Oh really? Then how come when I tried to give you a hug when those girls were with you, you just pushed me away? Was it because I was mad at you? Because I love you so much. I wasn't actually mad at you. I Love you, just tell me what I did.

Rebecca: Nothing.

Justin: You saw me with that girl, didn't you?

Rebecca: That girl?

Justin: She just wanted a picture! She was a belieber.

I suddenly just felt mad at him. I just wanted to scream at him and walk away, which might have been the outcome  if he didn't just let it go.

Rebecca: If she was just a belieber, why would you refer to her as 'that girl' not a belieber.

Justin was speechless, he didn't know what to say back.


Rebecca: Because you think you want me, when you don't. 

Justin: You're exactly what I want.

Rebecca: Didn't show it from when you were with her. 

Justin was mad at this point. I could tell by the look on his face that he was pissed and ready to blow.


I was taken back at first. Then I just felt like crying. I wasn't mad anymore, I was just simply sad. I think Justin saw this, because he instantly regretted what he had said. 

Rebecca: Then why don't you go ask her to. 

Justin: No- Baby-

I was already walking out of the room. I was moving a lot faster than him. I think he was in shock that I just walked out on him. He ran out of the room and yelled for me.


He was now in panic mode, scared something was going to happen to me.

Rebecca: Away from you, just as far away as I can get. 











*AN YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE MAD AT ME FOR NOT UPDATING. I'M SO SO SO SORRY :( I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND I NEVER WANT TO DISAPPOINT YOU GUYS. my computer was broke and I just got this one to work. I'm gonna try to update all my stories in the next twenty four hours. so if you're a fan of any others, they'll be coming sooon. I tried to make this longer than others, but idk. Its sort of horrible. lol im sorry.


Its about one of Justin Bieber's dance members, who absolutely hates him, but needs the job. But on the other hand, he absolutely loves her, and hates the job at points. 


Okay i love you. 


I changed my kik about a month ago, so im sorry if i didn't reply to your messages. It is now redconverse21 SO KIK ME ABOUT ANYTHING. 

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