Be with me so happliy:)

Noelle is an ordinary 16 year old who can, seriously sing. What happens when she goes to an X factor audition? And then she finds out that her favorite band member of one direction is going to be a judge.


2. 2

Noelle's POV

After all of the judges chatted about whether or not to send me through. I was the most nervous I will ever ever be I thought to myself. Surprisingly simon went first, " I think you have an AMAZING voice, and that you have barely scratched the surface. So it is a definite yes from me darling, Brittany what do you think?" " I totally agree with simon 100% all the way through, I think you are very capable of many great things! A UES from me sweetie!" Said Brittany. Demi went next " Um it will be a yes, you are down right amazing!" HARRY smirked at me before saying " you have a beautiful voice, almost as beautiful as that face of yours;) a yes from me love." I blushed like crazy "thanks so much, it means a lot to me. Bye!" I winked at HARRY. I heard a bunc of screams from the audience and chuckles from the judges

Author's note:

Sorry for the short chapter. This was basically just a filler. I'll try to update this weekend but I have a volleyball tourney:) oh sorry about the HARRY, it is auto corrected to that :) see ya later stylers


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