Yes, She Is Yours

Jen and Harry meet in last year of school and have a great relationship but unfortunately Jen has to move again, not knowing she is pregnant with Harry's child and breaks her phone soon after leaving losing all contact with Harry until nearly 3 years later when there baby is two Jen goes back to Holmes Chapel and finds Harry and tries to explain


2. 3 months


I walked into my bedroom and kicked off my shoes and laying down on my bed, I laid there just staring at the ceiling thinking about Harry and how much I really liked him already, I know I told myself I wouldn't get a boyfriend but there's just something about him. I took hold if the bottom of my dress and pulled it over my head leaving me in just my bra and thongs, I walked over to my chest of drawers and opened the top one pulling out my pjs and walked back to my bed and pulled on my pj bottoms and put on my pj top. I wandered downstairs and into the kitchen and over to the kettle, I filled it with water and pressed the button for it to boil. I went over to the top cupboard and took out the hot chocolate power and put 4 spoon fills into the cup and waited for the kettle to click, once it click I poured the hit water into the cup and mixed it. I put everything away, got my drink and went back upstairs to my room where I got into bed, drank my drink and finally fell sleep.

~3 months later~

I had now been with Harry for 3 months and it was the best thing ever, he is so lovely, kind and caring, he comes to see me the days I can't get over to his and we love spending our time together. I was at my house on my own as mum and dad were at work and my little sister was at nursery so I decided to text Harry.

To: Harry

Hey babe! I miss you :( want to come round? Xx

From: Harry

Sure babe I will be over in 5 -H xx

After I read the text I rushed upstairs and got dressed until I finally heard a knock on the door, I came back downstairs and opened the door to see Harry, which made me grin and I hugged him.

I pulled away from the hug and smiled up at him and took his hand dragging him into the house closing the door behind us, I instantly kissed him and he returned that kissed, the kiss got heated quickly and we ended up in my room, his hands moving all over my body, he finally got to my bra strap and tried to unhook it, I arched my back slightly to make it easier and soon it was unhooked. Harry wasted no time in moving his hands to my breasts when I let out a soft moan making Harry grin.

Harry's POV

I pulled off her top and then her bra stilling groping her breasts, she was so beautiful, I soon felt her tug on my top and I got the hint, so I lifted the top over me head and chucking it into the floor. I was now really horny and I could feel myself getting harder and harder, I pulled off Jen's leggings followed by her underwear, my jeans and boxers, I kissed her hard and went to her neck leaving love bites before I lined up and pushed into her. She let out a loud moan and kissed me, and I kissed her back getting more caught in the moment, I was getting harder and faster at apes making her moans get louder, it went on until we both came and cuddled with each other in bed under the duvet. "I love you Jen..." She looked up at me with her amazingly blue eyes and smiled tiredly "I love you too" she said back just before falling asleep.

I am very sorry this took me so long to update I have been very busy since January as I was getting ready for my birthday which was in February as I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer, 3 times and met them haha and ever since then I have been really busy helping my friends, I will try to start updating more!

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