My Life in Hogwarts

This is the story of my hogwarts years.The good,the bad,and the wars.


2. The train

Summer came and went.I couldn't tell my friends about being a witch,so I had to tell them I was going to a private school.On september first my parents drove us to london,we said our goodbyes,and I left.The train was odd,but as soon as I stepped in I felt like I belonged.Almost every compartment was full,except one.I went in the compartment had 3 boys in it.Two of the boys had red hair and looked exactly the same,the other was probably related to him because he also had very red hair but he was about 2 or 3 years older.

"Can I sit here everywhere else is full?"

"Hello,i'm Fred"said one of the twins

"And i'm George"said the other

"And of course,you can sit down with us." they both said in perfect harmony

"Is this your first year here?" said fred

"because it's our first year here to" said George.I giggled at that

"Yes,it's my first year here.I just found out I was a wizard 2 months ago."

After about an hour of talking and getting along with Fred and George.The train had stopped at an Amazing castle.

"That's brilliant!"said fred

"I love it already"I said

I could see that George was speechless.All three of us said nothing the rest of the way,but we knew what we were thinking.All of us thought that this school year was gonna be great



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